Wrexham Election Archives

We here at Wrexham.com have covered several elections, with the below being from 2017 coverage at the top to oldest at the bottom... We also covered all elections since.

Wrexham General Election 2017

As well as the below we conducted two live debates - viewable on the dedicated archived sub site Wrexham.com/LiveDebate2017/, and a dedicated page live from the count on Wrexham.com/GE2017Results/.

Wrexham Council Elections 2017

We have our full Wrexham Council Elections 2017 section on Wrexham.com/Election2017/, plus our dedicated results / count night service sub site on http://www.wrexham.com/election2017/homepage.php !

EU 'In / Out' Referendum 2016

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2016

Welsh Assembly Elections 2016

European Elections 2014

General Election 2015

First Police & Crime Commissioner Election

Wrexham Council Elections 2012