HMP Berwyn – Wrexham Prison – Postcode & Location Map for people living in or visiting the Wrexham area

HMP Berwyn, located in Wrexham, North Wales, is a modern and innovative prison facility that plays a significant role in the UK’s penal system – the largest in the UK currently.

Opened in 2017, it is the largest prison in the country and has been designed with a focus on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending rates. is NOT the prison, or connected with it, we have had numerous calls asking for various contact information. We do not have that sorry.

Address: Bridge Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham

We can however point you to this google map with the location marked – which should show the highly visible prison. At the bottom of this page is a video we made when we had a tour…

Visiting HMP Berwyn:

For individuals planning to visit HMP Berwyn, it’s essential to be aware of the visiting procedures and guidelines. Visitors are typically required to book their visits in advance, and there are specific rules regarding items that can be brought into the prison. It’s advisable to check the official website here or contact the prison directly for the most up-to-date information on visiting hours, restrictions, and any special requirements.

Size and Capacity:

One of the standout features of HMP Berwyn is its size. Covering an extensive area, the prison has the capacity to house over 2,100 adult male prisoners, making it the largest prison in the United Kingdom. The facility is designed to accommodate prisoners in a range of security categories, from category C to category B, reflecting its flexibility in managing individuals with varying levels of risk.

Purpose and Vision:

HMP Berwyn was established with a clear vision of reshaping the prison system by placing a strong emphasis on rehabilitation, education, and vocational training. The aim is not only to provide secure custody but also to equip prisoners with the skills and support needed to reintegrate into society successfully upon release. The prison’s commitment to rehabilitation is manifested through a variety of programs and initiatives aimed at addressing the root causes of offending behaviour.

Design and Facilities:

The architecture of HMP Berwyn is distinct from traditional prison designs. The facility is comprised of several house blocks, each accommodating around 88 prisoners in self-contained living units. These units include individual cells equipped with modern amenities, promoting a more humane and rehabilitative environment. The design also incorporates communal spaces, classrooms, and work areas to facilitate positive social interactions and skill development.

The prison is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including classrooms, workshops, a gymnasium, and spaces for vocational training. These amenities contribute to the comprehensive rehabilitation services offered within the prison, focusing on education, employment skills, and personal development.

Rehabilitation and Education Programs:

HMP Berwyn places a strong emphasis on providing prisoners with opportunities for education and skills development. The prison offers a range of courses, including literacy and numeracy programs, vocational training in areas such as construction, horticulture, and hospitality, as well as higher education courses. The goal is to enhance the employability of individuals upon release and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

In addition to academic and vocational programs, the prison encourages participation in various workshops and activities aimed at addressing issues such as anger management, substance abuse, and mental health. Support services are in place to help prisoners overcome personal challenges and develop a more positive outlook on life.

Community Engagement:

HMP Berwyn is actively involved in community engagement initiatives, fostering positive relationships between the prison and the local community. The facility collaborates with local organisations, schools, and businesses to create opportunities for prisoners to contribute to community projects and develop a sense of responsibility and connection.


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