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    I think some people will be put off because of the lack of private parking.

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    Their are plenty of empty shops in town cant they use one of them.

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    I use to see my a@@@ when my daughter was in Christies, patients outside drip in one hand cigarette in the other hand.
    I thought you dickheads you are in Christies for a reason, and cigarettes could be one of them.

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    Parkingmad, are you community council or some other self appointed pleb?
    How were the cars causing a hold up?
    Why have you got pictures?
    Why will someone be there everyday taking pictures?
    What do you want the council to do?
    Do the car owners live in Bersham Road?

    Many questions, no easy answers!

    It seems I am not the only person who as noticed the problem, a post by dagg has verified the problem as well.

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