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    Plausible pretext is the usual approach to all of these issues when it comes to the Government nudge. Why stop at 20mph or 10mph. 0 would guarantee 100% survival.

    Perhaps we should look at every ‘risk’ aspect of life and organise accordingly

    Anyone for lockdown


    Captain C

    So far I have managed to find about 10 people who are in favour of a 20mph restriction on all major roads but hundreds who support it into estates and by schools. Why does the Welsh Assembly not listen to the thousands of people who are against this stupid idea?



    Sorry but the argument “International evidence also shows that on average, a person is around five times more likely to be killed when hit by a vehicle travelling at 30mph compared to 20mph” Well why not 10mph then because that will show even more lives will be saved. Its fine increasing to 20mph, but NOW being the default, this is 100% decided by people that live in a large city with fantastic transport​‌​‌​​​‍‌​‌​​‌‌‌‍‌​‌‌​​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌‌​​ or dont even drive.



    We desperately need to get Labour & the supportive Plaid Cymru out of power in Wales, they are so anti car, 1st they blanket ban all road improvements keeping major traffic jams, 2nd they impose blanked 20mph speed.

    Please Wales stop voting Labour just because your great great great great Grandad did, no party should be in power this long even if you dislike the opposition.



    I came across this comment which was responding to an article in the Telegraph about the stupidity of the 20mph. imposition. I thought it summed up the situation here in Wales nicely.

    “The Red-Green-Plaid popular front means there is no opposition in Wales, and politicians have no need to develop skills of persuasion or compromise. Anyone listening to this pound-shop Stalin Drakeford fielding questions on waiting lists or the parlous state of Welsh education would understand this.”


    Councillor X

    Have you tried driving for a few minutes at 20mph. Bloody dangerous and i kept having to look at my speedo. If they go for the 10% rule then you will get a fine at 22mph?

    Its going to be all out tail gating and horn blasting.



    I totally agree, it can be very dangerous to keep looking down at the speedometer, taking your eyes off the road for an instant could create a fatal accident.
    It’s very difficult to keep a modern car to 20mph.



    Just get speed limiters fitted to all cars, that will sort all the problems.


    AMA Express

    Yeah, of course it will.



    “Extreme financial challenges” sees escalation of all Welsh health boards

    Why are the Welsh government pouring money into the 20 mph scheme when they are fully aware that throughout Wales the NHS is on its knees. It’s no surprise there is a £151 million deficit across the Welsh NHS. They always blame the Westminister government but they are culpable for the mismanagement of the money they have already been given, they chose to spend it on the 20mph zones rather than the NHS. There is talk of service cuts, where ? Longer lists for elective surgery, how many people have died waiting ?

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