Which roads in Wrexham CB should got back to 30pmh?

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    30mph – Chester Road, Holt Road, Ruabon Road, Llay New Road, Mold Road past the Racecourse, Cefn Road. 20mph – All housing estates, care homes, hospital & flashing 20 signs approaching all schools.



    Allll arterial should revert to 30mph as before. I don’t think that many would object to 20mph being retained in the areas you indicate.

    Several months ago, Local Authorities were given the opportunity to take a fresh look at exempting other roads but WCBC did not do this.
    If Ken Skates’ proposal goes ahead, L.A’s should be mandated to do so rather than not being arsed.



    I agree Benjamin. I also think that speed limits should be looked at on Llay New Road & Mold Road. The amount of changes on those roads is ridiculous.

    There should be traffic lights at the Crispin Lane, Mold Road & Maesgwyn junction which may be addressed when, if ever, the transport hub by the Railway Station is completed.

    Plas Coch shopping park needs attention with perhaps a feeder road off the A483. Plas Coch Lane can’t cope & when any work is done on the Stansty tunnel the whole town becomes gridlocked.


    Born Acorn

    I believe there is a not-insignificant chance that Crispin lane will be permanently closed at the Mold Road end with these active travel improvements. This link should show the scheme from 2021 if it works.



    So the default speed is still 20mph. What could be easier than reverting to 30mph except for the areas most people agree with. By schools, care homes, housing estates, hospitals. Who in their right minds would even consider putting a play area close to a main road?



    The default limit should be set back to 30mph. I predict another cock up whereby the councils keep 20mph more than they shift it to 30mph. 20 should be by schools, on estates, past hospitals. It’s not over.



    Surely this should have been done BEFORE they introduced the Wales wide 20 mph scheme and wasted millions of our much needed finance on removing 30 mph signs and spending £800,000 on advertising the fact they were doing it. This highlights the level of mis management of money by Welsh Labour supported by Plaid in the Senedd , they can’t blame this mess on Westminster. None of them seem to be able to prioritise needs over fripperies.

    This 20 mph limit was supposed to be undertaken on the grounds of safety and saving lives, where does that fit now with the new idea of reintroducing the 30 mph?


    AMA Express

    The 50mph limit on the A483 should be lifted too.



    30mph – Chester Road, Holt Road, Ruabon Road, Llay New Road, Mold Road including past the Racecourse, Cefn Road & Whitchurch Road.

    In fact all arterial roads as Benjamin says.

    Flashing lights by schools should be timed.
    School children should be taught the Green Cross Code or equivilent.

    Planning for new estates should allow space close to roads to ensure that cycle paths are kept well away from roads & for future road widening purposes.

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