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    I agree .. well done… I do hope the ‘powers that be’ take the trouble to reflect on public opinion on this.

    They should also think of the descendants of those Miners that dug and hammered the coal from that mine way before machinery arrived to ease their still dreadful work. Work that was necessary to eke a living when the Mine owners of the time lived wealthy priviledged live.

    Even when the Coal Industry was Nationalised it was still hard graft and work than none of the lilly livered, soft skinned ‘powers that be’ would carry out.
    Apart from that This mound should be kept in memory of the men who worked there and men who died there.

    I challenge the ‘powers that be’ to refute that without sounding callous and PROVING THEY ARE CALLOUS AND UNFEELING to the people of Wrexham and the memory of those people.

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    Daave. You state that you ‘have it on good authority’. Would you care to state your source? If not do not challenge my assertion.

    At this point I shall leave all debates with you, as your main intent in most posts you make in these forums appear to be solely designed to disrupt or turn serious matters into jokes which divert from the serious matters discussed.
    Kind regards Rohelendus MIRCS FCIOB. :)

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    The last request for a Listing.. was performed by an Inspector/Surveyor whose brief was modern ie. post World War 2 buildings. Hence the Inspector/Surveyor focussed on the buildings built in the post war era.
    I have documentary information that states clearly that the results of the Survey take by CADW in 2008 has no reflection on the current Request for a Listing, and will not affect the decision in regard to the original buildings .. which Still Stand.

    As to the moneys … the analysis presented are correct, NOT £900,000. The use of that figure masks everything and is fabric of lies.

    As far as the building being Derelict, that to is WRONG. Delapidated or Neglected may be more closely to the truth. Damage is superficial and cause only by vandalism … grafitti and also neglect by the Council.

    How do I know this… because as a Professional in field. I am regularly looking at Listed Buildings and I also have documentary proof. Don’t be too rigid in holding to your opinions without having the background of factual knowledge. I am sure that had you been given the true facts your views would have been different.

    Kind regards

    Rohelendus MRICS FCIOB

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    Well, latest state of play:

    CADW receive a Request for a Listing.

    CADW visit site and conduct an inspection this time
    of the Original Building, not the more modern part
    which is now demolished.

    CADW are now considering whether or not to list the
    School. Various AMs (including the First Minister Carwyn Jones
    and Deputy Minister for Culture Ken Skates)
    and MPs (including Ian Lucas and Susan Elan Jones)
    take a keen interest and make public statements.
    Ken Skates himself has expressed that he is minded to List the

    A review is now taking place involving CADW and a ‘peer’
    organisation which will be either Historic England or
    Historic Scotland, to reach the final decision.

    Wrexham has lost so many attractive and sound buildings.
    Wrexham has lost so much of its heritage through the ignorance
    and self interest of various council lead members and executive
    board members over the years. No more… no more.

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    Actually the Listing Authority for England is Historic England
    and for Scotland Historic Scotland.

    The decision by CADW is for a ‘peer’ consultation/overview from an
    independent peer group. That will be between CADW and either the
    England (Historic England) or Scotland (Historic Scotland) Listing Authority.

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    Are we getting value for money from the new enlarged Executive Board? Having watched a number of webcast meetings , there is no obvious difference , the meetings still appear staged and most important votes are unanimous. The extra two members cost in the region of £63,000, what purpose do they serve ?

    Executive – Relating to or having the power to put plans or actions into effect (think about the savings they will make on the Groves!)

    And this is why they get Executive pay!
    We certainly get Value For Money, no qualms about that.

    Hmmm more dry wit?

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    Exactly Daave63 .. you are no expert. Take time off from the net
    and maybe study something.

    Listen Rhollend, let me spell it out for you – Fcuk fof and get your head out of your own arse, sit back and learn: Off the top of my head, the school was founded in 1895 and the construction of the new red brick buildings facing Chester Road opened in 1902.
    In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s a large extensions in the form of a new gym, science block and classrooms was added, and a domestic science block was added in 1972.
    It retained the name Grove Park until it closed in 1983 when its pupils and staff were absorbed into the Groves High School.


    *Chuckles*… spell it out… can you spell? You are so easy to bait. Why not instead of disrupting serious threads, instead try offering reasoned, educated and positive offerings?
    It is obvious you want attention, why not try getting it using positive thoughts instead of piss taking comments. Comments which are really not funny, not humorous, but rather sad, when others are trying to be constructive. Try it… you may find that people will take your words seriously then.
    Incidentally your statements about Art Deco buildings is not totally correct, as Art Deco is not widely represented in the UK. Your statement about the Girls Grove Park school is incorrect, that was designed by the County Architect of the time and is in Art Deco style. The build was started in approximately 1937/38 and the school was opened in 1939. Try being positive, you have enough intelligence I am sure. Note: this is not meant as demeaning advice, but rather as helpful. Kind regards Rohelendus.

    Art Deco is an influential visual arts design style that first appeared in France just before World War I and began flourishing internationally in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s before its popularity waned after World War II.
    Apart from anything else, look at the dates 1895 – 1902 – 1950 – 1960 – 1972 v 1914 – 1920 – 1930 – 1940! Need I say more, and while I agree there is an art deco staircase and hallway inside, that means nowt, as my house has French windows but it is no chateau!!
    Good job you weren’t around when the built the new bus station or you would have cemented over the cracks and decay and called it a classic – although admittedly the canteen and bogs were art deco!


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    Im no building expert, but ART DECOR??

    Exactly Daave63 .. you are no expert. Take time off from the net
    and maybe study something.

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    Apparently and ongoing survey???

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    Did you get to see anything else?

    Wrexham needs an uprising of the electorate.

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