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    Well done to everyone involved with the structure on the top of Bersham Bank – brilliant bit of inspiration and something to cheer everyone up. Lets hope that the ‘powers that be’ don’t try to remove it. Try to get it listed as a first for North Wales as an iconic piece of artwork in memory of the 1000’s of miners from the region.



    I agree .. well done… I do hope the ‘powers that be’ take the trouble to reflect on public opinion on this.

    They should also think of the descendants of those Miners that dug and hammered the coal from that mine way before machinery arrived to ease their still dreadful work. Work that was necessary to eke a living when the Mine owners of the time lived wealthy priviledged live.

    Even when the Coal Industry was Nationalised it was still hard graft and work than none of the lilly livered, soft skinned ‘powers that be’ would carry out.
    Apart from that This mound should be kept in memory of the men who worked there and men who died there.

    I challenge the ‘powers that be’ to refute that without sounding callous and PROVING THEY ARE CALLOUS AND UNFEELING to the people of Wrexham and the memory of those people.



    The statue looks fantastic and well done to the artist and his army of helpers – great joke though Carol ‘Try to get it listed as a first for North Wales’ that will save it!

    One ‘little thing’ though, why can I see him having a pee? Or is it a Welsh Leak??


    Rex Ham

    It is amazing that a small group of people have created and installed such an instantly iconic piece of sculpture for everyone to enjoy.

    Please let it stay. It will become our own Angel of the north Wales.



    Well done to all the volunteers involved. What a wonderful tribute and memorial. All achieved without any expensive consultants, secret reports, ‘experts’ telling us what we need. This could catch on !



    As an ex miner this structure is iconic well done may it stand for many years😎



    Council will take it down soon, a distraction to passing traffic.



    I agree it does look fantastic, although form a couple of angles, it looks like he is taking a pee!!!.



    [quote quote=112326]Council will take it down soon, a distraction to passing traffic.

    PASSING TRAFFIC!! For gods sake Dagg, take a look out the window its like a feller from Jamaica completely securing something! Its total ‘dreadlock’ out there!!

    Sorry Rolend, seriously though the Council won’t take it down, they never look up from their blinkered opinions!!



    Great to have such a positive response . Thank you. The council can’t remove it because it’s on private land . They would instruct Bersham Glenside Ltd to do so,and so far they’ve not removed anything !! If indeed they can contact them .

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