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    Having browsed through the 121 photographs taken and published by Mr Graham Lloyd.

    I have come to the conclusion, based upon the evidence depicted by the photographs, that The Groves School is structurally sound. What damage there is to the building is damage caused by vandalism and neglect.

    This damage CAN be repaired at far less a cost than demolition and a new build. This statement also
    includes dealing with whatever asbestos is present.

    Therefore I challenge the Council to produce and demonstrate in public, with complete transparency
    the real reasons for their decision to demolish this building. Proof is asked for and I think this is
    a fair request. I would also ask for some transparency to be demonstrated, via the publishing of detailed accounts, explaining how the figure of £900,000 was spent on upkeep over the past 13 years??

    Maybe a voluntary team of constructional professionals and accountants from the area (those with no covert interest), maybe active retired, can be gathered to look at the problem on a pro bono basis.

    Are there any people out their who could and will be willing to provide this service for the benefit of the many people of Wrexham who are against this, seemingly wanton, destruction of an iconic historic Wrexham building?

    Rohelendus MRICS, FCIOB.
    Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Construction Manager.


    Councillor X

    Although I can see your point Rohelendus MRICS, FCIOB (if you are real!), the covenant on the site requires us to use it for educational purposes and it is far, far cheaper to rip down the school and throw up a new build.

    Too many people point the finger at us wasting money or complain about trivial matters such as priority parking for top Managers and Councillors (which we do need!) but wouldn’t it be far worse throwing bags of money into repairing an old school when we could save a fortune building a new school?

    My suggestion to convert the building into a half way house for prisoners released into the community once HMP Wrexham opens or to house immigrants was thrown out because of the covenant and the cost involved in fixing the Groves but I am now of the opinion that Erlas House would be a cost e option for the Council.

    Its a shame that the Groves has to go but a new school will bring many construction jobs to Wrexham, just as the Prison has.

    Counc. X

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    What the Council have not explained is why, when they were going to let Coleg Cambria develop the site they stipulated that the present building on the site had to be incorporated into the design. The plans produced by the college were excellent merging the old and the new. Now the Council have taken back the site , the buildings are not worth keeping and demolishing is the only option. Have the Council already got developers interesed in building a new school, but who want a cleared site for ease of construction? Historically Wrexham have re modelled old school buildings very successfully, you only have to look at St Giles and Victoria Schools,giving light modern classrooms with plenty of space.



    Councillor X, I am REAL alright :) very real. You state that it would cost more to right the damage than to demolish and build a completely new building. On whose estimate is that, and why are the figures not forthcoming. I seriously doubt the costings and analysis.

    The secrecy surrounding this and the rush to make a decision after refusing to let Coleg Cambria purchase the building, suggests something unsavoury. I would suggest that the Council provides the clarity, the detail and the transparency that the public want.

    There is also the possibility suggested above, that in this case, there would be professionals that give of their time on a pro bono basis.


    Councillor X

    Rohelendus MRICS, FCIOB …. perhaps you should be asking WHO PLANTED THE BATS and WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

    Executive Board November 2015:
    4.3 A planning application was submitted by Coleg Cambria in November 2014 and is expected to be determined in November 2015. The substantial delay has been caused by the need to undertake a bat survey – which was in turn
    governed by the seasonal nature of the field work.
    4.4 The consequence of this delay has had a significant bearing on proposals for former Groves School site. In the intervening 12 months, the priorities of the Council have changed.

    Someone once suggested that Councillor Mark Pritchard had bats in his Belfry!

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Yes Councillor X. It would be helpful to know where the bats went.
    Whenever I have had to produce the evidence of a bat survey, I have
    never ever had difficulty in getting one organised within a very short
    timescale and it would certainly not have caused a wait of 12 months.

    Once again statements are made but not backed up with figures and detailed costings.



    Good points wrexview.



    There is something not quite right here, the main structure seems very sound, and if not why was the council willing to pass the building on to Coleg Cambria ? .
    There needs to be an independent review or enquiry.
    Smell a rat



    In your report of 17/01/16, you reported that Lesley Griffiths AM is to write to Mark Pritchard regarding how the decision to demolish the Groves was made in such a hurried fashion especially when it follows on so close to the other perverse decisions recently.

    I sincerely hope the Leighton Andrews is made aware of her findings, when received, and if found wanting in any way, that the Welsh Assembly investigate the manner in which WCBC is being run by Elected Members, especially in light of the somewhat perverse decisions made of late made by the present administration.

    Public confidence has been almost totally eroded.

    Perhaps the time is right for Commissioners to be appointed before the situation gets even worse, if that is possible.




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