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    IF you are a first time buyer you’d do very well to stay clear of new builds anyway due to their premium asking price. Lots of these homes will be sold to people already living in Wrexham looking to move up the ladder and thus freeing up their smaller, cheaper houses and so on and so on.

    Yes, but there are government schemes which are only available for new builds, such as Help to Buy Wales, which help get people onto the owner housing ladder.

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    Hopefully but I am not hopeful, more 2 bedroom starter homes will be built & that the council will impose a rule that for the first 30 days they can only be sold to owner occupiers, as at the moment the very very limited 2 bedroom homes that are built are bought by buy to let landlords on the first few days of going on sale.

    Yes this is a very sensible suggestion.

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    Very pleased to see this, especially the plans for houses off Cefn Road / Bryn Estyn Road.

    Plan that will shape Wrexham’s future ready for consultation – where could 8,000 houses be built?

    <iframe class=”wp-embedded-content” sandbox=”allow-scripts” security=”restricted” src=”” data-secret=”odpAxX8LoX” width=”500″ height=”583″ title=”“Plan that will shape Wrexham’s future ready for consultation – where could 8,000 houses be built?” —” frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

    More money coming into the area must be a good thing for the local economy – good for local businesses as more customers. As long as the infrastructure is kept up with the expansion – such as roads, hospitals, schools and the like, but I’m sure the Authorities will be addressing all this as part of the expansion. Maybe the bypass will need widening to three lanes, for example, or extra junctions – all this will be in hand. The expansion of things like the hospital and extra GP surgeries will also bring with it extra employment. I just hope that there is a good amount of social and affordable housing as part of this 8,000 so that young people can have somewhere to live, as well as the people who are currently homeless.

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    Well the community centre has not been saved at all. A very concerning post has been put up in the Penycae Facebook Group.

    Pen-Y-Cae Community Centre.

    As some of you may be aware nearly two years or more ago, the Community Council held a series of meetings designed to keep the Community informed of the decisions that were being faced in line with the changes to School Crossing Patrol and also the Community Centre.

    At that time a number of people came forward to say they wished to support keeping the Community Centre opened. With the help of Councillors Edwin Evans, Geoff Edwards and Local member Councillor Joan Lowe some considerable work was done to create a charitable organisation to take on the Community Centre. As usual the old stalwarts were there to support along with one or two other members. Unfortunately it is falling to the same small number of people again to keep this running.

    Over time there has been much discussion about keeping the Community Centre open, however with no additional support the Centre will close. The Next meeting will be Thursday 15th March 2018 at 6.30 pm, if the village wants to maintain the Community Centre then the village must work together, it is not for the Community Council to do this nor the same small band of people. Can I ask therefore if you are able to offer some support that you attend the meeting.

    Of course it seems to be the case that locals are being blamed, but the fact of the matter is we have been completely put on the back foot with the original demolition/disposal plans that were probably voted through in the budget seeing as they were in the Difficult Decisions consultation. There was no confirmation that they were removed, just some very flimsy reassurances. This is something I am going to need to look into further.

    The major problem is the 2 local Penycae councillors Lowe & Phillips are part of the ruling independent led coalition who brought forth the budget so have very little appetite to actually fight and save it.

    Also, since November there has been very little information provided from members of the community in terms of what is going on or of any fundraisers until of course it looks like it is potentially too late again.

    Budget cuts biting hard in the rural communities and who knows when town will be hit. My youngest daughter is about to start playgroup at the community centre – so we will actively paying in each week towards fees for keeping the centre open. If the centre closes the future of the playgroup will be in doubt and it is 1 of the main feeder playgroups into Penycae school.

    Direct example of young children being hit by cuts. ABSOLUTE SHAME.

    I don’t understand this Facebook post. Alyn Thomas talks about a lack of support from the community yet when the original posts were on Facebook, loads of people were in support of the community centre and were offering help and support etc. What is Mr Thomas’ agenda here?

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    Wait, we’re actually entrusting the likes of this Barrie Warburton to make decisions on behalf of our region!? Wow, just watched the clip of him talking about the proposed mental health unit being next to a railway line – what an ignorant comment! And it wasn’t even an unfortunate off-the-cuff comment, he had clearly written it in his notes and still failed to think “maybe I’d better not say that”. I thought we were meant to be a society that was becoming understanding of mental health issues!?

    I’m not saying all the councillors are this bad – I’ve dealt with some, like Joan Lowe, who seem to know their stuff – but this was bad!

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    I know that the Wrexham Town Matters FB group, etc always go on about the indoor markets and how important they are to the town. And then there was the hubbub when the People’s market closed to make way for the Art Hub.

    But…and maybe this is just me….aren’t indoor markets (or at least the ones in Wrexham, People’s market being a prime example) a bit outdated? Smelly, dirty, largely poor quality goods (not all) and a dingy environment. Only older people really seem to frequent them and, sadly, today’s old people are not going to be around forever.

    IMO, the indoor markets need completely re-imagining if they are going to remain relevant, not just cleaned up, a lick of paint and modernised a bit. Either do it properly or just shut them down – as that’s what will happen over time anyway.

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    JACKPOT! CRACKPOT more like. Sounds a great idea, just come up with £100 grand for a suitable DDA compliant bus – that’s just for one bus by the way. And even if you bend the Traffic Commissionaires rules regarding running a subsidised service on a commercial route, many well established bus companies have tried to take on ARRIVA/CROSVILLE over the years ie, the infamous no.1 route battle between Crosville & Wrights springs to mind, so to suggest the council suddenly rise up and take on the world is a quite a ludicrous idea! Going back to my original thread analogy, – Why do you think Abbie Lowe’s and all the other local shops for local people have gone to the wall and Tesco are thriving?

    Get real people!

    Whenever people say we can’t do something in Wrexham that is being done successfully up and down the UK, I think that always is more of a reflection of the piss poor can’t do attitude of our council leadership & naysayers across the community. Cardiff and Newport both have municipal bus services. Also, in the North West so do Warrington and Halton. We are fully aware that current transport rules do not even permit new municipal bus services to be set-up, but the Welsh government is set to change that after central Gov rule changes have come in.

    It’s quite simply unacceptable to just idle and do nothing as private bus firm after private bus firm folds and reduces overall service provision and competition across the county. Plus, people might think Arriva are too big to fail, but you only need to see what’s happened to Carillion recently to see that large corporate multinationals can hit breaking point just like that. Arriva Trains are pulling out of rail franchises in Wales, so you have to question the whole Arriva’s long term commitment to transport in Wales. If they made a withdrawal from the busses in the area, there’s no guarantees another private operator would step in. So in either scenario (no matter how unlikely) we’d be left with almost 0 bus provision.

    I’m glad you brought Tesco up because things don’t always stay the same forever. The once previously untouchable is now struggling to compete against the budget supermarkets of Aldi and Lidl. Yes, Tesco is taking steps to adapt, but it goes to show that we shouldn’t have to accept the status quo and it’s at least a space that has healthy competition for consumers, whereas bus service provision currently does not.

    Your posts are top quality. You should run for local office.

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    “Meanwhile, if the country Park charging scheme goes ahead, we hear it could affect the ability of over 200 children to enjoy the health benefits of the outdoors and sport.”

    What? It’s £1 a day isn’t it?? If parents are that bothered about their kids playing football then surely that’s not going to put them off. It seems a reasonable fee for parking on private land.

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    Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has given a peek into the future of buses here…

    TLDR? There won’t be any, start using taxis.

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    Another massive shame that yet another local bus company has gone bust. Arriva soon to have the monopoly on local public transport and they’ll only run routes that are profitable and be able to hike up fairs on routes that previously had multiple providers.

    The ending of the Barkers lane service means that elderly people (as I believe that’s who primarily benefitted from it) from all the affected estates will either have to walk all the way down to Chester Road or to Borras shops to get a bus into town.

    If the Welsh Assembly turnover this ridiculous Thatcherite Ban – Wrexham Council could set-up a local authority ran bus service, which would be beneficial to all. Details on the consultation to be published next year.

    Excellent idea! Why not add more expense on a council facing cuts 😕

    Matt is right. You can’t rely on the free market (or a barely subsidised one) to provide a public service where some services are profitable and others are loss making. Companies like Arriva will mop up the profitable routes and wait for the smaller companies to go out of business trying to manage on insufficient subsidies on local routes, creating themselves a monopoly where they can then charge what they like.

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