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    I have worked out that from an occupancy rate of 70% which the markets are currently running at ,the operating profit to the Council is £160,000 per year, making the markets self financing.At an occupancy rate of 40% the Council would have to subsidise the market from the Council coffers.The meeting on 6th February will discuss the way forward, with a suggestion of a three year plan.Would it not be prudent of the Council to scap the three year plan and instigate the same plan over the next six months.A large stall has vacated the Peoples Market last week and I have heard that a tenant is working their notice on two stalls in another market.Time is of the essence,the markets can be turned around, carry out the suggestions and give the traders a chance.In the past they have contributed upwards of £250,000 per year into Council coffers.Now they need help quickly.Councillors their destiny is in your hands,please help them.

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