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    The Report to the Executive Board HF/52/13 dated 12th November 2013 for consultation on Revenue Budget 2014/15.
    The proposed savings for STAFF REVIEW some at management level,some at senior management level were.
    Environment £220,000
    Housing/Public Protection £208,000
    Adult Social Care £ 68,000
    Lifelong Learning £258,000
    Prevention/Social Care £195,000
    Community Well Being £230,000
    Assets/Economic Dev £233,000
    Finance £175,000
    Corporate/Customer Services £169,000

    TOTAL £1,756,000

    Given an average salary of £30,000 for these management posts this would be a reduction in staff of around 58 staff.I am sure that more staff savings could be made at senior management level than those that have been proposed.

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    Would it be possible for Arfon Jones to publish on Wrexham. com the cost of the Consultants fees for their recommendations for the Town Centre Markets,when they are known..I have been a Tenant in the Markets (now retired)and as has been already alluded to,found the Markets Management extremely inefficient.In 2006 Tenants had a vote of no confidence in the Market Management,but their concerns fell on deaf ears.You just cannot make inroads into full time WCBC hierarchy.

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    There are enough ghost writers in the Council with enough time on their hands to make an interesting thread.

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    A Market more than anything else needs VARIETY of stalls.I went through the Peoples Market last week and for one moment I thought I was at a viewing for Wingetts Monday sale.There were stall after stall full of secondhand furnishings.If this is what WCBC calls reinvigoration of the Market ,I suggest that no more good money is thrown at this project.

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    I would like to see the Markets firstly as a useful public facility,secondly as part of a Tourist attraction and thirdly where rents,are reasonably priced to attract new tenants but are not subsidesed by the ratepayers.
    The problems associated with some smaller markets is that the Tenant wants a monopoly on the goods they sell.They fear another trader selling similar wares causes a price war,as well as possibly halving their turnover.If the footfall of the market is high then that problem can be overcome,but is nevertheless a concern.
    In the Butchers Market there were up to nine Butchers,now they are down to two.Fruit and Veg and Florists have come and gone,mainly due to poor conditions within the market for their perishable goods.Poor lighting,heating and cleanliness have all played their part in not helping to attract new Tenants.Stalls not adhearing to published opening times do not help the cause.I am sure that there is light at the end of the tunnel but it needs to be sorted as soon as possible.

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    @alunh 10012 wrote:

    The thing that really hacks me off in my street (Bank Street) is the cigarette stubs discarded with no care about cleanliness or the law. I don’t know if the street cleaners merely go round this crap or if it is just the case that it is so frequent.


    The problem I think for the cleaners are ,the grabbers that are used by the Council.The cigarette stubs are too small for the grabber,it needs a brush and shovel to do this job properly,or perhaps a proper course of training on litter picking.

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    The -£358,193 for Car Parks and Decriminalised Parking,if the explanation is,more money that comes in than is spent,I cannot understand the figures.
    The Council have 1184 parking spaces in the town centre.At an estimate of an average take per day of £2-50 per space, would give a daily income of around £2,960 per day, times 7 days = £20,720 per week, times 52 weeks =£1,077,440 per annum.Using the Council figures of an occupancy level of 85% it would give a return of around £900,000 per annum.This is without any income from fines ,which was the greater part of the £120,000 shortfall on the budget for 2013/14.Can WCBC please explain?

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    @wxm 9976 wrote:

    Some questions on the budget book section for “Environment”:

    1. Why does the budget summary say £26,522,021 when the expenditure says £49,693,236?
    2. Does -£320,154 for Cemeteries and Crematoria mean that more money comes in than is spent on this?
    3. Does -£466,729 for Transport Co-ordination and School Transport mean that more money comes in than is spent on this?
    4. Does -£358,193 for Car Parks and Decriminalised Parking mean that more money comes in than is spent on this?
    5. Why is Departmental Support Nil?
    6. Support Services expenditure was Nil last year, and is £3,768,972 this year, why?
    7. Capital Financing expenditure was £318k last year, and is £3,921,186 this year, why?

    Let us hope that WCBC come on here with some answers

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    How can the man in the street who is not an accountant make sense of the accounts? As a point,the £19,344,000 Other Operating Expenditure,if I had a breakdown of all the transactions of this expenditure, then maybe I could have some input to air on here.Unfortunately without such, I am at a loss to be able to contribute or suggest anything that would be meaningful.I would suspect that the majority of Councillors are not accountants and are therefore being led by full time officers.There seems to be very little input from Councillors.

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    If the Council are prepared to change the number of hours of free parking in the afternoons to 3.00pm to 5.00pm to increase revenue,then maybe they should take a look at charging for disabled parking.Many Councils (Llangollen) now have no free parking for disabled.The reason for disabled parking is to allow the disabled person closer access to their intended venue.It is not the car that is disabled and therefore a parking charge should apply to the car.Wrexham Council have 69 disabled parking spaces in town centre car parks.Running at an 85% occupancy would bring in around £85,000 per annum.

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