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    The having of the EV points at all is just a green points scoring PR exercise for the council. They know exactly what’s practical in terms of putting in a charge into electric vehicles as they’d had the 2 Nissan Leaf vehicles back in 2012 – so they’d know that 7kw is a poor option for anything other than parked all day in the same spot or overnight charging.

    Clearly gone on a cost saving exercise when it’s a false economy – as they’d have got more praise for putting in the higher 14kw points and people would have sought them out to use them. Also inevitably they are going to have to upgrade them in the future as Electric vehicle uptake increases.

    Wrexham council pointless infrastructure spends – anyone ever use the free WiFi on the CCTV network? Does it even work yet?

    Luckily for WCBC on the Electric car updates they can be a slow as they like about rolling anything out as it’s going to be 10-15 years down the line at least until their is any kind of mass manufacturer market push and consumer adoption – they are still trying to squeeze everything they can out of fossil fuels.



    It just occured to me that back when it was the “People’s Market”, a lot of council workers parked there all day.
    Maybe the council are just looking after their own again?


    Participant – can you get a statement from the Council about the rationale for going for what potentially is old technology that does not actually meet the needs of electric car users


    Councillor X

    The Council are trying to do something positive but all they get is flak. The wrong technology, looking after their staff.

    I don’t think that the ‘haters’ on the forum would ever say anything good about the Council. Even if they were knocking on doors giving away £100 people would ask why it wasn’t £200.

    Please give them some support as they work to serve YOU!

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Im not a hater I like to support the Council its great that they are installing some chargers that will encourage residents to move to EV cars, but for over 5 months I have been emailing & tweeting Wrexham Council asking what charging speed they will use, but they will not listen or reply. The whole point of charging outside the home, is that its quicker to charge than at home. Home charging is mainly 7kW sometimes 14kW, so the minimum Wrexham Council should have gone for is 14kW.

    This is me Advising the council for the remaining chargers they have not installed yet NOT a hater.

    The main reasons people charge away from home

    1. you cannot charge at home, (no drive or flat)
    2. your on a long journey & need to add charge.
    3. home charging is slow speed charging & forgot to charge over night.



    Could this be the start: Council Pull Plug On Ty Pawb.?



    X – To anyone paying Council tax – this isn’t a free service, so we have the right to scrutinise and provide what I’d say was constructive feedback about this particular project.

    Vladimir Putin doesn’t like people criticising his regime – his critics have a frequent habit of being arrested, disappearing, getting poisoned or dropping dead.

    Perhaps we should all be clap happy campers for WCBC’s grand Executive Board – lest we all get it in the neck next.

    Oh and I see those £20s you pictured as a grotesque representation of the stuffed wallets that all the Executive Board members have over their excessive pay packet for what they claim to do plus expenses.



    “Trying to do something positive but all they get is flack

    The wrong technology.”

    Once again, half baked, they may as well stick a manger full of hay for the horses while they are at it.

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