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    13 houses in Plas Madoc, with a build cost of £2.6 million, (£200,000 each), and nine months to construct.

    Does that include the land cost as well?

    It would be interesting to compare those figures with any of the building sites in Wrexham for building cost; those new council houses would be £3~400,000 mansions retail.
    Certainly their build cost, is higher than the average house purchase price for the area.

    I can remember watching plots on the Gwersyllt metal box site, go from foundations to roof on, in a week; which is the other extreme.

    Nant Silyn took an age to build.



    Nice that the council is building more council homes as it will save them money as they would stop paying to house people in private property’s, stop paying over priced rent to private landlords, but Totally agree, doesn’t the Council already own its own land around Wrexham? so the land would be free? even if they do have to buy their own land, the builders much be making a large profit from the council, actual house building has hardly changed in the last 15 years its land prices that have gone up dramatically. Hope someone is auditing the costs.



    The Afghans alone will wipe out 10 houses (and this number will probably end up rising). So while 13 new houses is great, they need a lot more.



    The price of building materials has rocked over the past two months but still does not come up to a £200k build cost. These properties are going on a site that already has the infrastructure in place such as drainage an utilities so the groundwork costs will be a lot less than a green or brown field site.

    The cost does not include land as it already belongs to the Council.

    This type of over inflated new build by Council and other Social Landlords is an issue across the whole of the UK. The issue is as soon as grant funding is introduced land value and build costs become inflated as their are guaranteed income from Welsh Government. If open market building for the same level of funding perhaps there could be at least another 3- 4 properties.



    Whatever happened to the Welsh Government’s plans to build loads of factory-made modular homes to quickly increase the supply of affordable homes across the country.

    Surely that should be something the WAG and WCBC should be looking into to increase the council and social housing stock across the country.

    I’m not sure what the costings would be, but surely less than the £200,000 quoted for each bricks and mortar traditional house and less in labour costs as modular houses are meant to be a lot quicker to put up.

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