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    Can anyone explain why the Councillor for Cefn – Derek Wright has called for local community level Covid data not to be made available rather than asking what has caused his area to be so high. Would it not be better to get to the bottom of how the spread has grown so much — how many house parties, no social distancing, parents gathering at school gates are just a few of the things that could be affecting the information.
    Derek surely you would hope to see the next set of figures showing that the figure has gone down if not you’d better get out and about to find out why there is no change. Who are the spreaders!!


    Rex Ham

    Because Cllr. Wrights’ way is the easiest way to bury your head in the sand.



    At least Cllr Rogers in Brymbo is Tweeting out about increases in his area and advising local people to social distance



    Well you’d think that as the elected representative for any given area a local councillor would want all the data available so that they could best manage the requirements of individuals living in their wards. Especially in these times where health and safety comes to the forefront. Clr Rogers is taking a sensible approach and ensuring everyone is safe by keeping people alert to increases.

    However, Clr Wright seems to be taking the absurd notion that he’s somehow going to be put on the naughty step because his area has seen an increase and wants to hide from the information. He doesn’t want his constituents to keep informed and seems to have no intention of helping them stay safe either. I’m not sure what his track record is during normal times, but his comments make him seem wholly unsuitable to the task of being a Councillor and responsible for his area in times of Covid-19. Let’s just hope there are some more sensible community councillors working in the area instead.



    So Councillor Wright from Cefn thinks

    “I think it’s one of the worst things that the Welsh Government and the Council have ever produced is this heat map as far as I’m concerned.”


    Those who are interested in where the Covid outbreaks are centred think it’s one of the best things they have produced !



    I wonder what Cllr Wright thinks about Cefn being the highest area in the whole of North Wales
    1. Cefn Mawr – 46 cases; 501.2 per 100,000

    2. Ruabon and Marchwiel – 25 cases; 377.2 per 100,000

    3. Johnstown North and Rhostyllen – 19 cases; 309.8 per 100,000

    Surley he should be asking Public Health Wales for help rather than ignore the figures.



    A month on…

    1. Borras & Rhosnesni 454 per 100k 22 cases

    2. New Broughton 360 per 100k 28 cases

    3. 349 per 100k on Minera 20 cases

    4. The quite broad “Wrexham West” 324 per 100k with 27

    Also looks highest in North Wales aside from pockets in Flintshire.

    Source: https://public.tableau.com/profile/public.health.wales.health.protection#!/vizhome/RapidCOVID-19virology-Public/Headlinesummary – go to the MSOA then drop down for Wrexham

    (Wrexham.com'er - email us on news@wrexham.com)



    If you look on Social Media you will see that the areas with highest figures have Care Homes that have problems with cases with staff and residents.
    The one ‘residential home’ that never seems to release any figures is HMP Berwyn whuch some people have said is widespread.
    Overall it shows that we still have signifycant issues in our communities?

    Rob it is worth you confirming that the figures actually do not include the Maelor Hospital?

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