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    So let me get this right.

    A person stands as an “independent” in the local elections. Once elected they very quickly join an independent group. This group then joins a second independent group to become an independent super group.
    To run the council they then team up with the Conservatives (it could also have been Labour or Plaid Cymru).

    Some, if not all, will then vote as they are told to.

    If you vote how you are instructed to, how the heck can you call yourself an independent ?



    Sorry to have to break this to you, but you mean nothing to councilors. You are just an object that needs to be manipulated into putting a cross next to their name. Once you have done this they don’t give a **** until the next time they want you to put a cross next to their name.

    Just like the Lib Dems main manifesto pledge was to scrap all university fees. Then they get the chance to have a taste of power and introduce £10k per year university fees instead. Nick Clegg then (totally unconnected of course) becomes Sir Nick Clegg a few years later.



    Those Council Member who identified themselves as Independent for the purpose of the Election and then join the Super Independent Group should be reported to the Electoral Commission for fraudulently misinforming voters.

    The Wrexham Independent Group (Dave Bithell) put out a manifesto — Does that still stand or is that due to be torn up as a false promise. Will this new ‘Super Alliance’ actually put any form of manifesto/plan for the next five years. With no document there is no chance to bring them to account.



    Congratulations to Wrexham.com for all of their Election coverage – both leading up to Polling Day and the analysis afterwards.

    Looking at the latest information it looks like some Council Members have been elected with less than 10% of the total eligible voters in some Wards. Councilors can’t be blamed for the low turnout, but it shows the lack of interest in many people in using their democratic right to vote.

    Another interesting point is how many Councilors have been elected that don’t live in the Ward that they represent (this is within the Electoral process provided someone works or owns property in an area) – how well can they represent the people if they are not local — Cllr Malcom King and Paul Blackwell are two but there are probably more.

    Despite gaining more candidates and success Plaid were still came in lower number of votes than Conservatives.


    The Speaking Truth

    My Councillor has done the opposite looking at the council’s website. Stood for a party and now down as independent, non aligned if that makes any difference?

    How are we to have faith in their decision making when they can’t decide who or what they stand for!

    Think the only party that haven’t swapped and changed over the years is Plaid! Probably why their numbers are increasing, people know what they’re getting with them just a shame we didn’t have a candidate near us to vote for. Who knows they may actually turn Wrexham green in 5 years time!

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