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    Following the news about the number of cases of Covid diagnosed 38 in Rowan Foods I wonder how many people will now realise that this is still very much in our community- the same type of factory in Anglesey is now over 100 cases. Everyone of those people will have been in contact with 4/5/6/7 10’s of people who may all now be infected.

    I wonder what those people on these threads who don’t believe Covid is an issue and everyone can get back to ‘normal’ are now thinking- do you believe that 38 confirmed cases is acceptable — how many cases are you prepared to see in Wrexham each day as the way forward.



    Am I right in believing that Rowan Foods has a large number of polish and other European employees.

    From day 1 it has been well known they have been car sharing with peope from other households. The police powerless at first simply gave up trying to manage them.
    This potentially could cause major issues with the spread locally.



    Did anyone else see Wrexham trending on twitter last week? A group of lads/men/thugs/ decided to go from Wrexham to Manchester to basically have a fight with some far right protestors at a BLM demonstration. No qualms about bringing Covid back with them or catching it off the person they were fighting with!

    Driving home from work I see large gangs of teenagers congregating together and not self distancing and the same goes for older couples and groups. Actually makes me wonder why I bother go to work and put myself out for other people!

    Neighbours having people inside their homes who are not family members.

    Is it any wonder the town is still getting a high rate of Covid infection?




    PHW data is showing 7 new positive tests in Wrexham yesterday, all of a sudden we have the media headline 38 cases in one factory. No actual time frame so it could be over the past 12-14 weeks as far as we know, usual scare mongering



    Chris/janeywxm, If it is ok for Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson and now Hancock to flout distance rules etc what do you expect people to do.
    These are people who are supposed to be receiving first hand expert knowledge not giving a damn so why should the general public.
    I am not saying one is right or one is wrong, I am stating how things are.



    Same with Anglesey. PHW showed 11 new cases for the last 2 days. The figure of 51 was mentioned on the lunchtime briefing & at 2pm only 11.



    The data for Rowen is for past 48 hours
    Major outbreaks being reported in Anglesey this even beside Two Sisters Food Factory — 12 on RAF Valley, very significant ASDA staff in Llangefni , 2 in CoOp Holyhead

    Truthbeknown seems sceptical perhaps this may change when the data comes from PHW unless you don’t believe them either.

    Also read the report from Leicester



    Everhard didn’t you ever hear the sayings, “two wrongs don’t make a right” or “do what I say, not what I do”



    JaneJ, You cant have it both ways, either PHW is incorrect or the Media is wrong. If they tested positive and its had time to reach the media then the data should show it. PHW has said most recent cases are in the care and hospital sectors.

    PHW data should show a large increase of well over 100 positive cases in the BCWHB region today.
    Am waiting to see before I comment

    This is Wales, we are going it alone. Leicester or England is incidental.I could easily post very positive articles were no Covid19 cases have been detected in an area.


    Llayby lilly

    @ Zinger, little point in engaging ‘NEVERHARD’, he won’t view your comment as constructive. He’s a typical leftie – so blinkered in his hatred for the Tories, that he can’t be honest and impartial and recognise there are many on the LEFT who have flouted and broken the rules too. All rule braking in respect of COVID -19 is wrong in my opinion!

    I bet he’s still fizzing over BREXIT too….that’s why I have taken to laughing at him.



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