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What Is The Future For Wrexham’s Peregrine Falcons?

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Jun 20th, 2014.

With the application to demolish Wrexham’s Police Station submitted – one question many people are asking is, ‘What will happen to Wrexham’s peregrine falcons?’.

Even though demolition has been on the cards for a while, last week Wrexham.com reported that the application to demolish the station had finally been submitted.

Since it was announced that the police station would be demolished in the near future, a number of Wrexham residents and Wrexham.com readers have raised their concerns over the peregrine falcons that live on top of the station.

Peregrine falcons are the largest British breeding falcon with a wingspan of 95-110cm (37-43in). In recent years many peregrine falcons have made the move to urban high rise buildings, with Wrexham Police Station being suitably high up for them to nest.

The falcons have become synonymous with the Wrexham police station, having lived on top of the building for the past few years. There was even a ‘Falcon Cam’ set up on the North Wales Police website for people to watch the falcon’s eggs hatch back in 2012.

When we posted the police station demolition story on our Facebook and Twitter pages last week, a number of people contacted us asking us what would happen to the falcons when the building was eventually demolished.

Katie Ann Roberts posted on Facebook asking: “What happens to the falcons who nest on top?”. Stephanie Jane added: “The Peregrine Falcons have nested on top of that police station for more than 10 years, what’s going to happen to them?”

During Wednesday’s Question and Answer session with Inspector Paul Wycherley, one question asked: “Any idea what will happen to the peregrine falcons when the police station has been demolished?”

Below is the reply that Inspector Wycherley posted on the forums: “Yes – they have already moving slowly to a further local area (I cannot divulge) where they will be very happy.”

It has been locally rumoured that the birds have been encouraged to move to St. Giles Church, as it would suit their ‘high rise’ need. However it is not yet known where their next home will be.


You can read our full Question and Answer session with Inspector Wycherley on our forums here

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