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New Leader and Deputy Sworn In At Wrexham Council

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, May 24th, 2012.

Wrexham Council’s new leader and deputy leader for the next five years were officially sworn in last night at the first full council meeting since the elections.

As we predicted several weeks ago leader of the 23 strong Labour group Neil Rogers became leader with head of Wrexham Democratic Independents Mark Pritchard as his deputy.

Labour and the Democratic Independents have formed an alliance to run the council together.

The other roles revealed last night were who would be on the executive board.

For Labour Councillors David Griffiths, Malcolm King and Michael Williams will sit on the executive board alongside Cllr Rogers.

For the Democratic Independents Bob Dutton will be representing alongside Cllr Pritchard and for Wrexham Independents Cllr David Bithell and Cllr Joan Lowe.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats each have one member on the board with Cllr Hugh Jones and Cllr Carole O’Toole representing them respectively.

Whilst details of who will be Lead Member for each portfolio will not be revealed till later today we understand that for Labour Cllr Neil Rogers will head Economy, Prosperity and Corporate Leadership, Cllr Michael Williams leads Education, Cllr Malcolm King – Finance and Cllr David Griffiths will run Social Services.

For the Democratic Independents Cllr Mark Pritchard will lead Housing and Planning and Cllr Bob Dutton – Environment and Transport.

The one remaining portfolio will go to Cllr Hugh Jones of the Conservatives who will lead Crime and Disorder.

Before the meeting a minute’s silence was held for Cllr Arwel Jones who died last month.

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