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Hollywood Star Thom Nicholas Shares His Wrexham Hotel Recommendations!

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Oct 5th, 2012.

Following on from his busy day at WalesComicCon a couple of weekends ago, we were able to catch up with American Pie star Thom Nicholas to find out whether he’d enjoyed his first time in North Wales.

Thom was full of praise for the people he’d met at the convention, saying “I had a lot of fun at my very first convention. It was a great opportunity to connect with people that enjoy my work. The highlight for me was that everyone I met was so genuinely nice.” However, he did comment that the convention was “a little short staffed for the number of guests and attendees” and said “We simply weren’t in a big enough venue. I felt bad for the people that waited for hours and I definitely hope that the organizers improve things for next year.”

After the convention, Thom played the official after-party at Central Station with his band. He said “The concert after the convention was loads of fun. The crowd was so gracious and I even saw a handful of kids in the front row singing along with my music. That’s always an amazing thing to experience as a songwriter.”

Thom also had praise for a couple of local businesses, saying “I ended up staying four nights in Wrexham. Two nights at the Holt Lodge and two nights at the Marston’s Inn. Both hotels had a friendly staff and I plan on staying at each of them the next time I’m in Wrexham,” also mentioning the Holt Lodge’s “amazing staff” and “very delicious restaurant.”

We’re pleased that Thom enjoyed his stay in Wrexham so much and hope he returns to the area soon.

If you missed The Thomas Nicholas Band, you can find out more about them – and listen to some of their music at their website.

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