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Investigation Underway As Uni Students Get Chester FC Email Abuse

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, May 2nd, 2014.

An investigation is underway after a Chester FC ‘fan’ managed to send an offensive email to what appears to be potentially all students and some former students at Glyndwr University.

The email entitled “Important Information About Wrexham” was sent yesterday evening started to arrive in inboxes just after midnight. The email appears to have been sent to internal email list addresses which then forward out copies throughout the university systems.

At 10am the University issued a statement saying “An unauthorised and inappropriate email was sent to Glyndwr University students’ email accounts which appeared to be from the School for Undergraduate Studies Office.”

“Students who received such an email were immediately asked to disregard it and assured that it was not authorised by the undergraduate school or the University. We apologise to all who received such an inappropriate message.

“The university is investigating the matter as a priority.”

The University IT Services twitter account posted saying “Please rest assured that all steps are being taken to trace the source of this email, and that your personal information has not been compromised”

The ‘from’ address is internal to the University, and it is unclear at this time if any systems were compromised to allow this mailout to occur, or if an open loophole has been exploited.

Several people with a range of connections to the university have said they have received it, with the possible recipients numbering 7500+

The email that was sent is below, with the more tasty language blacked out.


Earlier this morning the same email list was sent a message from the University apologising for the above email:
Chester FC were relegated on the last day of the season, and for those who wish to relive the moment this entertaining BT Sport clip documents the farcical last 90 seconds… view it here!

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