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BT Fault Leaves Households Without Voice Calls

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Jun 8th, 2014.

BT phoneline problems have been surfacing since the start of June, with some residents waiting a week before service issues are resolved.

One resident who is unable to make or receive calls said: “The BT Infinity broadband is flakey at best, but we have got used to waiting for it to come back when it stops working.

“Over the last week though we have had no dial tone and if you try and ring us you would get an engaged tone.

“I submitted a support request and have been told today it could be Tuesday or Wednesday until it is fixed.”

Another has told us “I was told this was a problem outside of my property, so its a BT problem not a wiring problem.”

Tara told us via our @Wrexham twitter: “reported on thurs and they can’t get an engineer out until Tuesday. So frustrating!” whereas Dave tweeted us to say he is due an engineer on Thursday.

Residents who have been in touch with Wrexham.com so far appear to be based to the north of Wrexham.

Wrexham is served by two exchanges, one in Grosvenor Road and the other in Gresford. The central exchange servers 21,224 residential customers and over 1,200 business customers and covers the main Wrexham area whereas the Gresford exchange serves north Wrexham.

Wrexham Industrial Estate is not thought to be affected, as that has its own exchange system.

For those wanting to check their line online BT have a system here, or ring BT on 0330 123 4151 – the cheaper version from a mobile than their 0800 number!

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