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Appeal launched after three cars stolen – police urge residents to keep their properties secure

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jul 11th, 2018.

North Wales Police are reminding people to keep their properties secure following the theft of three vehicles in Wrexham and Flintshire on Monday night.

Locally a BMW and a VW Passat were stolen from the Ruabon area, along with a VW Golf in Buckley.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: “Remember; keep keys in a safe place away from doors and windows.

“Don’t leave your keys on view at home or at work. After getting home lock the door behind you.”

Anyone with any information about any of the incidents is advised to contact North Wales Police on 101.

Last week police issued a warning to residents after burglaries in the Wrexham area hit double figures.

Speaking last week Sgt Claire McGrady said: “This is a continued appeal for the public to ensure that doors and windows, particularly on the ground floor, are kept closed and that residents ensure that access points are properly locked even you are in the garden.

“Never keep large amounts of cash on the premises. Keep laptops and cash out of sight and put car keys put away and not near the front door or a place where they can be easily found.

“If you are away on holiday and you want to share your experiences on social networks, please be mindful as you are telling people your home is empty. If you have a burglar alarm, please use it.”

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