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Air Pollution In The Wrexham Area (And Your Pics!)

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Apr 4th, 2014.

Thick layers of smog have covered skies across the country for the past few days.

‘Air pollution’ warnings have been in place since the start of the week, with a mixture of emissions and Sahara dust causing smog to cover Wrexham.

Large amounts of sand and dust have been swept up by storm winds in the desert, around 2000 miles away in northwest Africa. The airborne particles were blown north to the UK where they combined with our warm air and were deposited during showers.

Wrexham has managed to escape the thick layers of fog that have affected parts of the country. However grey skies, fog and light showers have been present across the area.


@Manicwelshgirl tweeted us the above picture of a ‘dust and sand cloud’ over Caia yesterday morning

Those with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, who experience symptoms, have been advised to reduce strenuous physical activity, particularly outdoors. Asthmatic sufferers have also been told that they may need to use their blue reliever inhaler more than usual.

A number of people have been in touch to say that the dust has triggered off outstanding health conditions – particularly those with asthma. Others have said that they haven’t noticed any smog at all over Wrexham!


The Ramada tweeted us this view from their window earlier on

Earlier this week Paul Hutcheon at the Met Office stated: “We usually see this happen several times a year when big dust storms in the Sahara coincide with southerly winds to bring that dust here. More dust rain is possible during showers expected later this week.”

Due to the on and off showers of the past two days, some of the grit and dust has already been deposited – with some people noticing a thin layer of dust on their car windows.

Car dust

Jamie Harrison tweeted us this pic of the dust on his car

A Wrexham.com reader sent in the below pictures of the red marks left on his car during yesterday’s rain.



The next couple of days are set to be clearer, with the worst of the dust / pollution having seemingly passed over. It is forecast that south-westerly winds over the weekend will help shift the remainder of the fog.

(Featured image was tweeted by@6Ana1987)

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