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    I also read on the Wrexham Town Matters forum that a Nail Salon is also opening up in Ty Pawb. Who is in charge of economic decision making in terms of the cluster of what is going to fit in there that will complement the fact that it is an arts hub?

    Who is saying, I know I’ll go and look at some art but then I’ll also get my nails done? Is it just going to be filled with hairdressers and beauty type service providers just like the rest of town currently is? Where’s the actual art inspired craft businesses – that will instil a strong and fitting commercial offering alongside the actual art?

    I have no complaints about the Tapas bar as everyone has to eat and also I think Welsh-inspired Tapas will be a huge success. I went to what they called a Tapas 2.0 bar in Spain quite a few years ago which did a more modern twist on Spanish food than the traditional tapas and I thought then that Welsh dish tapas would be a good idea – unfortunately I’m not in the catering industry or have the catering creative know-how – so well done Alex and Sam for bringing this concept to the town. It is my understanding that people have had success with Welsh Tapas in Aberystwyth, Betws-y-Coed, Swansea and a place called Cowbridge near Cardiff.

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    votethecouncillorsout. You seem to have an agenda against Ty Pawb judging by the amount of bad posts you’ve been giving it. care to share it with the rest of us?

    Doesn’t take Sherlock to work out the agenda of someone called votethecouncillorsout who only posts about Ty Pawb failing. What other underlying agenda can there be? I’d definitely not accuse them of undersharing.

    But here you go votethecouncillorsout someone has just given you a soapbox opportunity…

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    After the first speaker who pointed out how safe it was to live in this area compared to other parts of the country, the tone was more Wales wide than Wrexham specific. Interesting to see the graph re police numbers , Gwent cut by 23% while the North Wales reduction was the lowest in whole of Wales at 3%.

    Wasn’t it the case that there were NO CUTS in Dyfed and Powys in Mid Wales, putting them in the actual best position. Funnily enough large swathes of these areas are covered by Tory MPs in Westminster – Blue Wales. Cuts for policing for all unless you are lucky enough to be a Tory voter in a Tory area.

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    Donald makes his grand reveal on BBC’s The Hour by making a shameless dig against Labour from 8 years ago. Same old, same old Tories!

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    Gotta love Cllr Evans’ Monday morning Cake and Coffee jolly jaunt around the town centre. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of what the point of it was?

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    That’s the exact same response I got Dylan except I also have them compiling an official council report to some questions I asked them.

    “I am consulting colleagues with respect to the specific issues you raise in your complaint as to the position of Wrexham Council in order to ensure that a comprehensive response is provided to you. I will revert to you as soon as I am able on those specific issues and will endeavour to do so by Wednesday 21 March.”

    My questions were as follows, directly following up from the questionable councillor comments.

    a) Based on the comments Cllr Warburton has made in a planning committee – Cllr Warburton pointed out it was ‘called mental health unit’ and that there was a ‘railway line by the side of it’, rather than explain his point he looked around the room and said “I don’t think I need to say anymore about that one.”

    i) Are there any reasons why Wrexham Council would seek to prevent the siting of a residential or other facility for people with mental health issues near to a railway track for fear of actions that might be taken? On grounds of health and safety or any other objection

    ii) Are there any reasons why Wrexham Council would seek to not house a person into council or social housing who has or had in the past mental health issues near to a railway track. Again for fear of actions that might be taken? On grounds of health and safety or any other objection.

    b) Based on the comments Cllr Pemberton has made in a planning committee – Cllr Pemberton bluntly said he felt ‘schizophrenics next to schools should be a planning issue’, acknowledging the need for such a facility but ‘it is in the wrong position’.

    i) Are there any reasons why Wrexham Council would seek to prevent the siting of a residential or other facility for people with schizophrenia or other mental health issues near to a school? On grounds of public safety, child protection or any other objection

    ii) Are there any reasons why Wrexham Council would seek to not house a person into council or social housing who suffers from schizophrenia from living near a school? Again, on grounds of public safety, child protection or any other objection

    c) Based on the comments Cllr Rogers has made in a planning committee – Cllr Graham Rogers said he had concerns that once a person had received treatment they would not ‘be returned back to their own surroundings’, and said if they remained local there could be ‘trouble’.

    i) Are there any reasons why Wrexham Council would seek to not house a person into council or social housing who has previously been sectioned under the mental health act or living in a secure unit and then released into the public after successful treatment? Again as with earlier concerns on grounds of public safety or any other objection

    Will be interesting to see what their response is.

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    I think quite a few people are pleased by the plans. However, the usual uninformed crowd for concern are out in force on Facebook – headless chickening about the lack of facilities and infrastructure in place to support the new housing developments. I did point out that potentially it meant increased receipts from council tax bills for 8,000 new properties as most people living in the new housing will likely to be rate-payers, which would go towards paying for new infrastructure and services etc… Plus the additional consumer spending power that would likely attract retailers.

    However, someone even suggested to me that we don’t get all of our council tax because most of it ends up going directly to Cardiff. So the level of public disinformation is huge.

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    Well the community centre has not been saved at all. A very concerning post has been put up in the Penycae Facebook Group.

    Pen-Y-Cae Community Centre.

    As some of you may be aware nearly two years or more ago, the Community Council held a series of meetings designed to keep the Community informed of the decisions that were being faced in line with the changes to School Crossing Patrol and also the Community Centre.

    At that time a number of people came forward to say they wished to support keeping the Community Centre opened. With the help of Councillors Edwin Evans, Geoff Edwards and Local member Councillor Joan Lowe some considerable work was done to create a charitable organisation to take on the Community Centre. As usual the old stalwarts were there to support along with one or two other members. Unfortunately it is falling to the same small number of people again to keep this running.

    Over time there has been much discussion about keeping the Community Centre open, however with no additional support the Centre will close. The Next meeting will be Thursday 15th March 2018 at 6.30 pm, if the village wants to maintain the Community Centre then the village must work together, it is not for the Community Council to do this nor the same small band of people. Can I ask therefore if you are able to offer some support that you attend the meeting.

    Of course it seems to be the case that locals are being blamed, but the fact of the matter is we have been completely put on the back foot with the original demolition/disposal plans that were probably voted through in the budget seeing as they were in the Difficult Decisions consultation. There was no confirmation that they were removed, just some very flimsy reassurances. This is something I am going to need to look into further.

    The major problem is the 2 local Penycae councillors Lowe & Phillips are part of the ruling independent led coalition who brought forth the budget so have very little appetite to actually fight and save it.

    Also, since November there has been very little information provided from members of the community in terms of what is going on or of any fundraisers until of course it looks like it is potentially too late again.

    Budget cuts biting hard in the rural communities and who knows when town will be hit. My youngest daughter is about to start playgroup at the community centre – so we will actively paying in each week towards fees for keeping the centre open. If the centre closes the future of the playgroup will be in doubt and it is 1 of the main feeder playgroups into Penycae school.

    Direct example of young children being hit by cuts. ABSOLUTE SHAME.

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    The capital investment in these plants is billions whereas the technology designs for hydrogen powers is £10’s of millions with a payback through the sale of every new car or conversion kit. All of which will run on water.

    It’s all fascinating stuff, you can’t help but feel that all of these OPEC countries etc… definitely have a vested interest in putting the breaks on the development of such amazing clean technology for as long as possible to maximise usage of oil reserves and revenues.

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    The whole issue of electric cars and their relative greenness is an interesting one.

    On the one hand, yes an increase in electric cars within the town centre would reduce pollutants and emissions here. But of course a surge in use of electric cars would also cause of surge of energy required from the National Grid, which still has a large number of polluting power plants operating on it. So you reduce emissions in one location to produce them elsewhere.

    The current electric mix on the national grid is roughly 51% nationally produced fossil fuel polluting energy sources (10% coal and 41% gas) vs 49% taken from either non-polluting nuclear or renewable sources or imported in from foreign countries of unknown generated origin.


    So in order for electric cars to be 100% genuine green – any increase in power demand as the number of electric vehicles plugged into the national grid increases needs to be met from non-polluting sources. So this will probably mean an increase in wind, solar and tidal projects plus huge nuclear power plants like Hinckley Point C.

    In the most optimistic scenarios in 12 years time by 2030, a projected 9m electric cars could be on the road vs the 100,000+ on British roads today – so it will be interesting to see how the green energy mix increases in that time as well. There are also other issues of scale when everyone moves over to electric where you could get a huge peak domestic power surge around 5-6pm where everyone gets home and then plugs their cars into charge on top of the existing tea time surge. They would have to urge people to charge their cars smartly and stagger the demand about across the whole day. I suppose a broad range of electric charge power points across the county and rest of the country would allow people to charge their cars at different times and therefore minimise any surge activity.

    In terms of the actual phased strategy planned for the roll-out of charge points around Wrexham I think it is a fairly sound idea putting them into the main council owned car parks and then to industrial estates and the bus station etc… I cannot actually find fault in it, unless of course implementation doesn’t go to plan. So we will have to wait and see.

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