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    Llayby lilly

    Fantastic news Boris is our new PM. Brexit here we come….! Yippeeeeee




    One thing’s for sure now. We will be out of the EU deal or no deal in October.



    Time to take back our country and in a few years once they have played everything through, we will have control over our borders and our future.

    COME ON BORIS!!!!!!



    Total win-win having Boris become Prime Minister:

    1 Hopefully Brexit will eventually happen!
    ( Although I am concerned how he will manage to pull it off when May failed miserably)

    2 He really is such a moron that once he’s made a complete balls of running the country the Tories will be voted out next election.

    But to be fair, his politics aside, I actually do like Boris and he’s always made me chuckle with his antics! Not sure if a Prime Minister should have that effect on me though :-)




    Boris Farage



    [quote quote=171515]Fantastic news Boris is our new PM. Brexit here we come….! Yippeeeeee


    Yes, I do weep.

    Unlike you, I have met the short arsed buffoon, I have heard him speak, a couple of times.
    Like any good bedwetter, I was invited to such events: although I gave the JRM lunch in March a pass.

    Great as a warm up act or for rabble rousing, an amusing after dinner speaker (although Gyles Brandreth is beyond comparison better); Bit shit when its the adults in the room though. As a speaker May would wipe the floor with him, John Major the pair of them.

    There again being shit is a trait, shit journalist, shit as mayor, really shit as Foreign sec.

    In fact the only things he has been outstanding at, are being shit, and being a shit.

    That He impresses you, speaks volumes.



    Looks like my brexit larder will come in handy after all, considering that 30% of our food comes from the EU.


    Ioan y Ffin

    He won’t be as bad as the Remoaners fear, nor as successful as the Brexiteers dream. Sadly the rise of Boris to power means we will have to endure more facetime with the likes of Dominic Raab. Michael Fallon and Jacob Rees-Mogg. This country must have done some pretty bad things in its previous life to deserve being ruled by such people.



    Amazing the number of people who think this is a good thing – the man has failed and been a total embarrassment in every job he has held. Hard to imagine that the UK can become any more of a laughing stock but I’m sure Boris will manage it somehow. And we won’t be leaving with no deal – it won’t be legal for him to prologue parliament and he’ll never win a vote in the commons on it. We’ll either leave with a worse deal than we have now (which Boris knows will be the end of him) or we’ll still be in the EU on November 1st. Read that and weep!



    I’m not passing comment about either candidate but so much for democracy in the UK only one tenth of 1% of the population have elected a Prime Minister what a travisty that the public have let this happen.
    How a PM with such a low mandate from the country has any chance of uniting their own party never mind the country surely is a magician.

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