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    I would hazard a guess that if all the ex-pats return to Britain from Spain and other countries, (many of them pensioners), the NHS would be swamped. Be careful what you wish for by returning all EU members to their country of origin.

    Those pensioners who have been taken their (well-earned) pensions from the UK and spending every single penny of it overseas? TUT TUT shouldn’t be allowed.

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    The ridiculous fuss about foreign workers sending money home is a huge double standard.

    You look at Brexiteer paper the Telegraph who are renowned for their anti-immigration stance.

    They actively encourage and have their own money service for British expats to send money home from their overseas jobs.


    So the rhetoric seems to be – money sent home by foreigners workers in the UK = Not Okay
    Money sent home by British expats in overseas jobs = Brilliant

    How dare people have freedoms with the money they have earned after tax.

    Well said Matt!

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    We all know stories of agencies bringing in Polish, providing them with accommodation which included hot-bedding (one in one out)and ripping them off in the process. And the tales of them sending all of their money home!

    People who pretend it doesn’t happen need to open their eyes. Look around you!

    If Brexit ever happens and people stop pouring in and fetching their families over to live then maybe the NHS will improve. If not then I am wrong.

    They pay tax and N.I. on those earnings, therefore pay towards the NHS.

    And as for not being xenophobic, anybody who describes carry as “cat curry”, implying a certain view towards foreign food ,is on dodgy ground.

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    I think Bubble meant reporting it to the Maelor. More of an issue of their staff discussing personal information with security. It could also mean they wouldn’t use his services in future. Also possibly legal implications?

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    The biggest threat to A&E are timewasters who could easily treat themselves, and attention seekers who often have mental health issues..

    What an idiot to call someone with a mental health problem an attention seeker! We have this huge drive at the moment to bring mental health into public awareness due to the fact that 1 in 4 have a mental health problem in the UK.

    It’s really saddening to see discrimination here and you should be ashamed of yourself. Your definition of ” attention seeking” is probably hell on earth for the mental health sufferer and patient.


    I totally agree Janey. No wonder sufferers (like myself) find it so difficult to come forward and ask for help. In my mind now is if I ever do have an attack in public, people will be thinking I’m attention seeking. I’m glad AMA no longer works there if this is his attitude. I hope he never works around people with mental health issues at all. I feel very disheartened tonight, I really thought things were getting better.


    I’m glad you took that in the jovial manner it was meant Matt, absolutely no malice or offence meant :)


    Well, I have to admit it sounds a complete and utter farce. The whole cotton wool needing absurdity makes them even less employable.

    Previously, when leaving school or college, graduating, or looking for weekend work, you followed a plan. You would go round to potential employers and ask if they had any vacancies, show keen. When you had the job, you worked hard to impress your manager, and you bloody got on with it. With time, you’d take on further duties and get a pay rise. Further along the line, earn a good reference when you wished to move on to pastures new.
    You didn’t choose your employment for laughs. You’d have fun with workmates, but if you needed something extra when living at home, you got it without your parents’ help. When you moved out you had to slog to keep a house and not starve!

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Happiness Clubs fuel the dream they’ll be handed a plum role when they graduate. That they will be doing their boss a favour by showing up at their door at 9 am every morning. The reality is, they are replaceable.

    What we don’t need is moaning millennials cluttering up workplaces, wailing life is hard and they’ll quit if their boss yells. Or pull a sickie after drinking two WKD blues the preceding night. Whilst co-workers 30 years older are striving to support themselves and their families or face the flak.

    Credit is due to the countless ones who graft and earn a living on the side of studying, etc. But believing this herbal tea supping, hugging circle jerk will make an interviewer give them a job is laughable.
    Now, I appreciate this might sound heartless. It’s understood that workplace stress/mental health is important. But treating young adults as if they won’t be able to cope with the workplace is pure foolishness.

    There we go Ferret, ‘dumbed down’ while still retaining the essence I believe.

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    All part of the ecosystem. If they didn’t then there would be even more birds. Not necessarily a good thing.

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    Shifting Space will you stand up not anonymous and make your racist small man jibes? I challenge you to it – or back down. Make your convictions real.

    Firstly, I have made no racist jibes by any reasonable definition of the word. Those exist only in your fevered imagination. While my comments are certainly racialist, they are in no way racist; the distinction is a clear one.

    But more importantly, why on earth, after just discussing the political persecution of someone for his outspoken views on immigration, would I unmask myself and risk losing my liberty for a bogus thoughtcrime (hate crime)?

    Even if I were to escape any police attention, I know exactly what your lot are like. Nasty, vindictive people who cannot win in the arena of ideas and so you would seek to put me out of a livelihood.

    No, there is nothing to be gained by attaching a name to my posts. It’s not even a matter of cowardice or bravery – it would simply be senseless. The cause of British Nationalism would be no more advanced by my doing so.

    Now simply isn’t the time. The political climate is still too hostile to people of my outlook. Decades’ worth of Cultural Marxist indoctrination must first be undone.

    Besides that, my words are no less persuasive for being anonymous. The truth is the truth whosoever speaks it.

    Nice try though. You sneaky little rat.

    You couldn’t be less persuasive if you tried. “The truth is the truth whosoever speaks it” – this is laughable when you have stated “In this case, I have it on good authority that the thugs who carried out this crime were of African descent. Do you not think it would be useful and conducive to their apprehension for the public to be aware of this?” – LIE

    And, when asked to back up claims of, “In other reports of crime in the area, neither the police nor Rob have shown any reticence in providing a description of the suspect when they were white. Why is this information only systematically omitted when the offender is not white?”, you have been unable to do so (maybe it’s something to do with the fact it only happens in your paranoid little mind)

    I’d say those statements by you were nasty and vindictive to be honest.

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    Fourth time of asking shiftingspace? Or is it different when it’s your brand of racial profiling? Still no answer as to why you spread lies about the race of a criminal?

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