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    “The call centre” – I haven’t got a clue about the alleged deletions of your questions and alleged questions of others (perhaps they were deleted and I didn’t see them… who knows?). However, I’m fairly certain the allegations were cleared were they not via independent investigations – or is my political knowledge failing me on this occasion. But we would be lying to one another if we didn’t accept that on points one doesn’t want to engage with… people don’t engage with? REGARDLESS of the reason why. If it was me… my response would be that I was cleared by an independent investigation and surely that’s enough trail to lean towards innocence.

    Ref your points about Twitter – I’ve seen this happen on all sides. I’ve also been subject to it from all sides. Unfortunately parties need to sort their affairs out in that regard. So that’s pretty much an even keel on that.

    Ref the Tory Chairman and Tory Youth Wing – you’re going to have to educate me on that one I’m afraid… I’m legitimately unaware. Though to say that your current swathe of lab councillors are a credible opposition is a stretch – I was there at the alternative budget meeting and that was just a pure joke.

    In fairness… if your both being prattish to each other I can understand why one would ignore questions. Ian Lucas and Lesley did it to me for example. Again… a common problem. The only one who regularly comes back to me is Ken – and as such we maintain a positive line of communications.

    As for your sleeper cells ( I did chuckle at that by the way) providing it’s in the rules… it’s fair game. I just hope I don’t see some of the VERY VERY questionable tactics that I encountered during 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 2016 and 2017 by a significant portion of candidates. Perhaps election rules need tweeking? One for the ERS.

    Councillor X – I’ve already got a small travellers community on my doorstep – didn’t complain about it at any point. Everybody needs to live somewhere. As long as my property, family and beloved dog are safe and sound – I couldn’t give a monkeys who rocks up next door.


    Right, let’s get in to a few parts of this shall we Matt?

    How can I criticise for not having a viable idea of my own? Well… put simply… I’ve got the brain cells to understand that I don’t have a viable option that pleases all – I have my personal preferences based on my own internal biases. However I also understand that something needs to be done about the situation. It seems your option is to winge at whatever option is being undertaken because you’re too imposed in your own reality to pin your idea to the wall and let people look at it. (For the record, I’m fully in favour of what so far has been done in order to move people on. I do believe we need another community for travellers – however I also believe that this needs to be done strategically with support from NWP and not just “plopped” somewhere and have to deal with it on the back foot)

    I have a strong track record of criticising where I believe it’s due – every colour – including the one I stood for! However, I’m also very quick to *rightfully* defend the exact same politicians when I believe that they have made the right call or that petty attacks on them and their characters are totally unwarranted. That’s all part of the balance of politics and I’d like to think that if we ever want a strong council (read: democracy) we as electors need to be able to identify, and voice our support where warranted just as much as our criticism – irrespective of party colours.

    I’m sure Atkinson can make his own statements and I’m sure if he feels he needs to he probably will. I’m making *MY* statement of defence just as you are making *YOUR* statement of attack.

    As for being part of Atkinson’s “clique” as you put it. I’ve met the guy once when I stood as an independent in the last election. Again, if and when I find fault in is approach, don’t you worry a moment, I’ll let you know. Do you want it by pigeon or poem?

    I act dumbfounded because as far as I can make out the only reason many people don’t like him is because he sits under a blue flag. You’re admitting that yourself when you say he’d be more popular if he wasn’t a Tory.

    To summarise:

      Give me some proof to why he’s the bad guy.

    What exactly has he done to offend / upset / wind you up. If you provide me strong enough evidence I’m more than happy to support your claims. As far as I can see, you just don’t like him because he’s a Tory.

    *Point of information… I stood for yellow in 2012, I stood as indy in 2017 – I’m certainly not a Tory. I’m however certainly not a socialist or whatever brand of red we’ve currently got.


    It really does seem to be somewhat of a hate campaign but I genuinely can’t for the life of me understand why. You can cite freedom of speech as much as you’d like however the fact remains that his residents wanted him to act. He acted.

    If he didn’t act, he’d be strung up. And yet many individuals sit on their thrones casting stones with seemingly very little to offer in the way of an alternative… or have I jumped the gun and someone was coming out with a corker of an idea to fix the situation


    Fairly unfair criticism of Atkinson I’d say, he’s doing his job and looking after the interests of his ward. That’s essentially what he’s been elected to do. I’m pretty sure every other councillor would be saying the same thing right now if it was their wards.

    What would your please all solution be? I don’t have one so I’m really interested to hear any that get brought up.


    Hello Matt,
    Issue I have with this…
    I am aware you’re a staunch labour supporter (and I like to try and see things from both points of view)… however looking at the proposals put forward in the ‘alternative’ budget, that would go a whole distance in order to plug this gap?

    Yes, the music service would have an impact – but that’s a £250,000 between approximately 50 schools (ish?) and that’s just under the presumption that Wrexham music service is wholly geared towards schools.

    I’d have to check the webcast again and scrutinise the proposal more carefully… but I genuinely don’t recall anything in the alternative budget that’d support your argument – there was the argument of adding £500,000 in to SECONDARY schools (of which neither of these are)?

    Surely… if the alternative budget was passed, then the opposition parties would have been voting in favour of the budget as amended by their amendment? Which would have seen exactly the same set of finances put forward.

    If they weren’t going to vote in favour of the amended budget, then why was the amendment put forward in the first place other than for a bit of media attention? However, if I’ve overlooked some critical elements of the alternative budget that would satisfy the budget deficit – please let me know.

    I don’t think it’s a particularly ‘nice’ budget – and there are certainly bits that people can take a slight to in my opinion. However, I find it rather naughty to try and make a party political point out of the budget when amended would have had the support of Labour, Plaid et al.

    in reply to: Suffragettes & Wrexham #144323


    I’d like to think Rob keeps this up, for prosperity’s sake more than anything. Doesn’t show you in a particularly good like Idris.

    in reply to: Suffragettes & Wrexham #144293


    Yes Matt, just yes!

    in reply to: Under 18's and self determination #144273


    Throwing my 10p in the pot on this one.

    The argument people generally employ when saying no to those that promote votes at 16 is that they believe that those who are 16 are either, 1) Immature, 2) Politically volatile, 3) Politically uneducated or (my most hated phrase in the English Language) 4) A lack of life experience.

    I think the above generally surmises the argument. However,these days especially… how many people over the age of 18 (or 21 for you of the opinion) can truly pass the above test?.

    Politics isn’t just about jobs, health, education and pensions – whilst they are all immensely important issues, politics is about debate and discussion and social & civic leadership – for all three of those points, you need a range of individuals involved and engaged.

    A crude point could be made that even if 10% of those aged between 16 and 18 voted, that’s still X amount more opinions than previously heard, yes it may reduce the overall percentages, but let’s get MORE people engaged first, then worry about the stats at the end.

    in reply to: Sneaky Plaid Cymru webclip onesided #143389


    I just want to break this issue in to two seperate ones if I may?

    1) Councillors being able to use / distribute webcast footage.
    2) Anybody selectively picking bits from the above footage to demonstrate their own points.

    In response to number 1, I’m genuinely peeved. I think WCBC is missing such a trick. Supposedly the council want more non-politico’s getting involved with the council and proceedings. Let’s face it, many of us probably wouldn’t even know what’s going on without the fantastic work of Rob and Daryl (with the occasional guest star!) aka the team. Why do they do such a good job engaging us? 2 reasons… 1 is the quality of the reporting ( Rob, if you see this.. you can pay me by BACS or paypal… I’m modern like that!) and 2 is the fact that it’s an online interactive platform that’s easy to use and gives people like you and me a chance to comment freely. The concept isn’t new. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, Beebo and so many more websites were created on the same premise. They allow easy access.

    As for people distributing footage… I see no problem in that and it annoys me that WCBC block councillors from Tweeting, distributing video and the like… and it also annoys me that the council took away evening meetings. If I feel strongly enough to go to the guildhall about an issue, I used to be able to go freely during the evening and say my piece and lobby where required. Not that it was a common thing, but it was an option given to us. It also meant that councillors could be more diverse than the vast majority of pensioners ( nothing against pensioners what so ever, but I fully believe you need a diverse range of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds on a council to make it effective).

    In short… free up the ability to use social media as an elected representitive & WCBC shouldn’t want to hide their footage. They are public representatives. Let’s show the public how well (or not so) they do the damn job.

    Second point… selectively representing the meetings.

    Without looking at the footage… surely selectively representing information is something we all do, all the time, all day long. Editing or perspective – you decide. However… this is where the consumers of that information need to be sophisticated enough to check the sources. However… if your writing a book… telling a story… remembering an event.. you’re going to do it from an edited point of view. Don’t get me wrong… do I like Carrie’s views – not always… but I can’t knock her ability to send out videos.

    The caveat to this is whereby the edit is very easily mis-interpreted. Slightly crude, however if anyone has a adult sensibility and wants a really easily understandable view of this in action, listen to Tim Minchin’s song Cont (or Context!).

    in reply to: Empty properties in Wrexham #142058


    A signature is essentially an automatic ending for all posts on a forum. You could think of it like “Kind regards, Damian” at the end of my emails. It’s automatically popped on the end of whatever you say – unfortunately it doesn’t show as anything different to differentiate – but rest assured…. Councillor X’s post was just to ask the identity of the leading councillors.


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