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    Please don’t judge the individual involved in the latest Leader news item through these threads – he clearly needs help and been let down by Mental Health services — He is NOT one of the usual street drug takers but a lonely young man who has a family that care.
    The cry for help is real and Mental Health professionals should look long and hard as to why they have not given support before.

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    Just been down – despite rain and cold it is well worth going down — plenty to warm you up – food and drink

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    I presume The Voice is an employee from within ITEc – if what you have written is correct then it looks like the mud being slung around about Sprouts and Ty Pawb has now landed possibly in the wrong place. At a time of loss making services though I cant understand why the Council will close ITEc- is there something else gone on we have not been told about yet.. logic and silence dont match up at the moment

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    The merry go round between Ty Pawb and Sprouts goes round and round..

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    Council Watcher many thanks for your very comprehensive list of things to look out for – I will make sure that my daughter who has an interest in one of the stalls see the article- hope the other stall holders are aware.
    In view of one of the main ‘attractions’ ie the gallery now not being in use for a period of time I assume the stall holders should get some compensation (from the rent not yet paid) to refelect yet another negative that will affact the reduced footfall.

    Rob does this reflect what you are picking up with your ear to the ground!

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    ErosPengwern- it would really help the cause of the Welsh Language if there were resources available to help with translation – Welsh to English and English to Welsh- if this was readily available then you might get more engagement.

    Here is a translation of your posting done on Google — does it makes sense to you!

    Why will not we save a lot of money without not putting the English signs up? If only the Welsh language was displayed, the signs would be half the size (saving lots of metallic and ink) and people like Maureen would stay over, without any idea of what was going on around them ( like they have little idea of anyway).

    Of course, the standard of Welsh, which is often desperate on public signs, would have to be raised, but with only one language to set up the Council may take a little more care over it.”


    Latest ALL Wales information on Kingdom contracts- what is Wrexham hiding? Other Local Authorities have declared what the funding split is from the penalty notice income yet Wrexham declined.

    It now actually makes you question whether the contract that Wrexham signed is so appallingly poor and shows the inability of Council officers to negotiate commercial contracts to achieve the best value. If this is not the case then why not reveal the information.

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    Woodbine – glad you have had the courage to tell your story as it is so similar to my situation although I was worn down so much I could not face a Tribunal. I was effectively given a settlement (not very large) in the end for me to go. The situation was intolerable with no one at the top wanting to listen- they all need hearing aids.

    I have known many people over the past ten years who have gone your way or mine to get out from the Council due to the appaling way that they mismanage people with no value for the work you do.

    The Council Members should re-look at the report on sickness more and as they have a Duty of Care for all employees should look at the issues again.

    They should ask –
    1. How many staff have been paid off
    2. How much has been spent on defending Tribunals
    3. How much have they had to pay out in compensation
    4. How many cases of bullying or harassment are reported
    5. How many cases do the Union deal with and make compromise agreements to save progressing to Tribunals

    All of this information would give a truer picture of what is happening in the workforce.
    All that this report has highlighted is that certain officers have succeeded in pulling the wool over Council Members eyes rather than giving a full and honest picture of the facts and costs.

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    The invisibility of mental health should not make it any less of an issue than someone with a plaster cast on their leg. The ability to lead a full and active life can be affected by both, for the individual and their family and friends.

    Everyone needs time and space to be able to talk yet everyday pressures often mean it is forgotten. GP’s find it hard to deal with – often giving out inappropriate medication to mask an issue rather than dealing with the cause. If someone is successful in being referred to a Mental Health specialist by the time an appointment is available the condition could have escalated and the person’s condition deteriorated.

    Everyone should look, listen and talk.

    If you need help now phone Samaritans 116123


    “Council Statement”
    Following a Part two meeting of Wrexham Council to discuss the current contract with Kingdom Enforcement the following decisions have been taken:
    1. Due to the current length of contract and associated penalty clauses for early termination the Council will continue as we have not found any breach of contract by any of the staff employed by Kingdom.
    2. The Council believe that the professional manner in which the contract has been implemented has ensured that we (the Council) are saving money on street cleaning.
    3. Any person who believes they have been issued with a ticket wrongly are able to appeal the decision – there is in most instances adequate evidence to show the offence took place.
    4. The Council is gaining significant income from this profit-sharing schemes that result in surpluses being put back into the Council funds.
    5. Residents who believe that the Enforcement officers have acted in an inappropriate manner should look at themselves and ask why they dropped litter in the first place and take responsibility for their actions.

    In summary, we (the Council) know best and you (the citizens of Wrexham) are the cause of all the problems go and do your shopping in another town and litter their streets as you are not welcome in Wrexham.

    In line with many ‘news’ items on the internet, this as you can appreciate is a False News but may not be far from the truth when/IF a statement is made from the Council or IF/When a Councilor decides to leak as tory which may or may not be true.

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