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    Following a Freedom Of Information request

    it is now known that the Council spend £52,900 on wages for Union Officials and also provide FREE office accommodation.

    Why should rate payers of Wrexham have to contribute to these services?

    Perhaps because of this cosy arrangement it explains why the Unions have been so quite about all the Voluntary Redundancies and job losses — particularly Plas Madoc Leisure Centre where there are about 60 staff affected.

    If I was a Union Member in the Council I would wonder why I pay my dues as there is total silence from the officials who are supposed to support me!
    Dylan Jones



    After the pay review one of the unions lost so many subscribers that I doubt many staff are members. It would seem the union has its own agenda.



    Silence is based on self preservation of Union officials jobs and their office in the Council. It is astonishing that any Union fees are collected from Council staff as they are currently operating in silence. The Unions in Wrexham Council have made no public comment about all the staff losses since the Voluntary Redundancy was offered in the summer. They potentially have about 80 members who could loose their jobs at Libraries, Leisure, Community Centres etc yet they make no comment. Staff are left in the dark and don’t even know what goes on in the meetings between the Council and the Union officers.
    In the days when Clr David Griffiths was a Union Convenor in the hospital this would never have happened– David was noted for his strong but fair stance with management – it’s a pity that this fairness is not being played out with the unions today..
    Dylan Jones



    IF you had made the effort to research guidance regarding union officials in the workplace, perhaps you would not have made the statement regarding paid union representation in such a bald manner as to be totally misleading.
    Each and every employer has an obligation to provide the necessary facilities and resources for union officials to function effectively within the workplace, and for the official(s) to be paid employees. Check the ACAS guidance for confirmation.
    That being the case, WCBC, just like any other employer, adhere to that obligation. The money must therefore, be financed from within, ie via the Council Tax receipts.
    As to the Unions in Wrexham making no public comment, I would have thought that there is little or no reason why Joe Public needs to be made aware of ongoing negotiations until an agreement is finalised which is unlikely to happen until the budget is agreed or otherwise.
    Do you make the statement that ‘staff are being kept in the dark’ advisedly, or is that another inaccurate assumption?
    Furthermore, if some employees have shown their willingness to accept voluntary redundancy, why do you consider it necessary for the Unions to divulge the details of ongoing negotiations until a satisfactory settlement is obtained?
    Put yourself in the same position as the employees, would you expect your settlement to be broadcast far and wide? Truthfully!!!



    Thanks for your comments and ‘corrections’ you clearly have Union connections. I am not aware that I have at any time indicted that employee settlements should be public as I firmly believe that is a personal matter as you point out. I am also not disputing the legislation I do think that ratepayers are entitled to know what is being paid on their ‘behalf’.
    As far as Unions keeping quiet – is it not normal for a Union to sway public opinion in their favor particularly when it involves the loss of service for the general public. In the current environment of Public Sector cuts they could gain significant public support to try and reduce the impact.

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