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    Come on – let’s all have a good laugh. I was having fond memories of around the millennium mania city status bid where I believe one of the Marcher Sound/MFM DJs change his middle name to ‘Wrexham City’.

    You only need to look at the towns that are much larger than Wrexham with far better facilities to wonder exactly what substances the new Council Chief Exec has been partaking of – perhaps he went as far as putting sugar on his Golden Grahams & is tripping his face off.

    Reading is a town, so is Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Swindon & Telford to name a few – all far bigger than Wrexham and happy as towns and thriving without City status.

    You can’t stick a city sticker on Wrexham and try and fool all of the people into thinking it’s suddenly a better place. If anything a city would just come with more overheads – more levels of bureaucracy and puffed up middle and senior civil service jobs and inflated council tax bills and rates.

    I’m all for the aspirational element of investing heavily in infrastructure to get Wrexham to a higher level of urban standard so that one might compare it to a city. But let’s not kid ourselves – all those bloody potholes need mending first.



    Bloomin heck I agree with Matt here !

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.


    I saw this on Facebook and thought it was April the first. It is a joke right?

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    You can’t polish a turd.

    But, you can roll it in glitter.



    We could at least keep the initials..



    This is nothing more than a PR distraction.Gaining city status dies nothing to improve education, social care, road conditions or other services.
    It does not have an improvement effect on the retail offer as cities struggle the same as towns unless turned into destination shopping, something that takes years to have achieved at a time of boyant economy.
    The visual impact of homeless and substance misuse does not change either, city streets are not paved with gold.
    The Council members or offices would not dessert the gravy train to make way for new blood- same old same old just creates the same.
    Let’s be different in Wrexham get rid of idiotic ideas and face the reality, start listening to people to create a pipe dream based on fantasy that would go well as a story in a Christmas panto or did the idea come from the joke paper in a Christmas cracker. Crackers all round!!


    Ioan y Ffin

    “If you look at a city it has a football club, it has a university, it has a hospital, it has a prison.
    “We have all those institutions that make a city, so we need to be a city.” This has got to be an edited version of the full interview, surely? Let’s hope the Queen hangs on in there for a bit!! Not that she plans her life around Wrexham’s Local Development Plan, if she has got any sense.



    Is there anyone other than Wrexham’s councillors who actually wants Wrexham to be a city? Our councillors seem to be obsessed with making Wrexham a city. Why? Just why? Would this bring some particular benefits to Wrexham? Genuine question.


    Rex Ham

    For a long while, I was a supporter of city status for Wrexham, but you only have to listen to every day opinion to realise there is little or no support for it amongst those who would have to pay for it. So, unless someone can come up with a plan or costed financial proposal to prove otherwise, I suggest we pay more attention to the real and actual ills in our society first.



    I suggest WCBC do the same with City Status as they do with the Difficult Decisions. Ask the Public, and then, what they say,the Council do. It is coming across it’s the other way round WCBC say WCBC do.

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