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    Maureen Gray

    Remember, Remember the 5th, er ..the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd and the 4th and of course the 6th, 7th and probably the 8th & 9th of November!!
    Come on Guy pack it in with the fireworks, never mind the dogs, its doing my head in!!


    Hope you don’t live in Coedpoeth/Minera as I will be setting ours off tonight!



    I agree completely OP. My Facebook feed has been full of photos of lost and found dogs over this past week or so, no doubt due to them having been spooked by the endless fireworks! People know to keep their pets in on the 5th, but where does it end? And really why do people go out and buy them when it’s probably cheaper to go to one of the many public displays we have in the area now?



    Fair play to the moaners out there, how many of em have had fireworks at weddings or birthdays?? Probably most! it’s ok when the tables are turned isn’t it!!



    I’ve never been to a wedding where fireworks have been set off, ditto birthday parties. Stop being so selfish and have consideration for other people and animals.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    I can’t understand why you’ve not been invited. ;)



    Before 1999, I only ever remember fireworks being set off for bonfire night. They would be going off for a couple weeks before bonfire night and up to the weekend after. But since 1999, when everyone was letting them off for New Years Eve as it was a special one, they are going off for everything. I’m all for a bit of fun and excitement but weddings and birthday parties is too far in terms of fireworks. They shouldn’t be sold any other time of year. The shops only sell them for bonfire night so someone somewhere is selling them.

    I have seen people asking on Facebook where they can buy fireworks cheap and I have seen people in the selling groups SELLING fireworks. This is where the idiots are getting them from. I don’t know how people can be so stupid to buy fireworks from a bloke on Facebook who isn’t even regulated or licenced to do so.

    People call for fireworks to be banned, but they don’t need to be banned. They need to go back to how it used to be, and only be sold for bonfire night. Banning them will just cause more people to sell them illegally and won’t actually solve the problem of them being set off for not apparant reason. It also means that some kids may never actually see fireworks properly. My kids wouldn’t if they banned them.

    Whitevanman, I went to a wedding in August, guess how many fireworks were let off? None. Also never been to a birthday party where fireworks are set off. What kind of weddings and parties have you been to?

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