Q. Where is my MP? A. Saving Llangollen Steam Railway from impact of pandemic

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    You hear lots from Ms Atherton but I never hear from my MP .. until NOW

    “Everyone in the area knows how vitally important the Llangollen Steam Railway is to us as a community,” said Mr Baynes.

    “I’d encourage anyone who’s able to to support this incredibly worthwhile campaign. It’s vital we do what we can to keep our railway going through this difficult time.”

    I thought he should of been helping us Wrexham lot who aren’t covered by Ms Atherton. Us hillbillies.




    He’s just been on PMQ’s asking for support for Llangollen railway. At a time of national crisis, I would have thought he would have used the opportunity of being able to question the PM on something more important.What an a**e !!



    Dumbocracy in action.



    Simon Baynes has been pretty quiet, in fact I’ve not heard of/from him since he was elected. However, don’t let his ineptitude sully the Llangollen Railway it is a fantastic bit of local heritage and tourist attraction and would be a real shame if it had to shut down. Obviously health and welfare comes first, but at some point we are going to go back to normal and want to start using North Wales attractions. North Wales relies on tourism to keep our economy and livelihoods going.

    Had it been a Labour or Plaid MP I’d have expected them to have done the same, but with a bit of hope also asked lots of other questions in line with other key community issues as well.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    It is stupid for him to come out of the woodwork to promote this Matt.

    PM Questions today and yesterday

    Simon Baynes, a Conservative, asks about the Llangollen steam railway.

    Johnson says he has a picture at home of himself on it with William Hague. He wishes it the best.”(not the actual one below)

    Sarah Atherton (Wrexham)

    “What steps the Government is taking to support the continuation of ferry crossings between Great Britain and Northern Ireland during the covid-19 outbreak.”

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    I think the guy i a waste of space but that shouldn’t detract from the fact that the railway is the second largest employer in Llangollen, so it’s not all volunteers and nostalgic trips.
    He should have been asking for support, not suggesting BoJo goes on a jolly.



    Dear Mr Baynes, WHERE ARE YOU?

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