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    Point taken BenjaminM. But it could also be the case that many of us have invested a substantial amount into the future of Wrexham; and that the reverse in the decline that we have seen, and the necessity to put Wrexham on a realistic & competitive footing – will only succeed if strong democratic leadership, and effective public services deliver a heart beat into the community.



    Wxm, I cannot disagree with the sentiment expressed in the first part of your sentence and I applaud you for your stance, but I am at odds with you on the second part.
    Let me use an analogy; We have all read about the pressure that A&E departments are under and I feel sure that most of us have read the posters displayed in pharmacy windows, doctors surgeries and the like, with regard to the recommended levels of seeking treatment starting with self help, then a pharmacist, GP, and then through 3 or 4 others right up the pyramid, to attending A&E. What I am essentially saying is rather than starting at the top of the pyramid ie ‘democratic leaders’, one should start at the bottom (the people who make up the community) for it is from them that a pulse develops and then, for the leadership to provide an effective mechanism to sustain that pulse.
    We rely too much on others to do and think for us in what has essentially become a nanny state where we expect rather than hope to be cosseted and cared for from sperm to worm. Remember that good old saying: ‘God helps those who help themselves’.
    If this was put into practice, I would like to think it would be beneficial to the individual and society as a whole.



    Both times I was driving on the opposite side of the road & turned round to go back. But there were many car drivers that didn’t stop. I have to be honest that after the druggie incident, the second time I did hesitate.



    @benjaminm 8224 wrote:

    From the photographs posted, it is clear to see that the syringe has the needle cover in place, yet the ‘finder’ rather than attempting to dispose of it, tried to pass the responsibility onto a.n other and tweeted the find for goodness knows what reason. To compound the matter, a representative of went along later and photographed it, and STILL left it in situ. Where is either of the parties moral responsibility?

    The inital person did report it to the Council, who told them as it was private land they could not respond. On the Council’s site it does say for their response time it is 2hrs, and if private they do sort it via the landowners. This bit does not seem to have happened.

    A few have said that myself and Darryl should have picked it up when we walked up yesterday morning, however as I replied via twitter to one we dont have a sharps box and popping it in a normal bin as you suggest is not advised by the people we spoke with.

    I totally agree about doing stuff, and that is something I try to do at all times where applicable.

    The analogy on someone being ill and passing by would work, but I would say its a case of people seeing someone ill and calling ambulances or doctors who wont help and still wont help days later – where all that can be done is shifting the issue.

    @Welsh Dresser 8238 wrote:

    I am way too old to jump the wall. I take the long way round Island Green! There are lots of shady places for shady dealings in and around Wrexham. This case happened in a shopping complex which is why it was reported. As a community news source it reports on matters that concern the community. I for one will watch were I’m going as I wouldn’t want to step on a syringe especially in flimsy summer footwear.

    I was wearing flip flops yesterday in costa del wrexham and do jump that wall on occasion (its a quick route!) so not great position for them to be in.

    The story was/is minor, but highlights that for the sake of literally 8 inches a 2hr response time can turn into a few days.

    I am now much more clued up on sharps than I was before though – and the advice does seem to be dont pick them up and put the in bins, cans, drop them down drains or the like as it can pose risk further down the line to people who dont realise they are there.

    Unofficially one person suggested moving it over the wall to the pavement then it becomes a council problem. A pointless move it seems, but in hindsight could have been a better solution!



    Agree 100% with you BenjaminM. I stopped on one occasion to assist a fitting man outside Gerrards on Lord St, people watching him including shop staff judging him, and as the incident went on questioning my ability, eg “put him in recovery postion if you know it”. last thing then fitting, result would be eating concrete. 2 young ladies one a nurse stopped to help. Guy was having a drink related fit. Unfortunately Wrexham is rife with tutters and pass the buck people now. Fact, Island Green has private litter pickers, security and parking. Fact, AIDS will last less than 40 mins in a less than lab clean atmosphere. Agree with you and Zinger, Wxm.Com some less Leaderlike reporting please!


    Welsh Dresser

    If you don’t like the way reports then why read it? I don’t like the way The Leader reports so I cancelled delivery years ago. End of my problem!



    The aim is to do things a little different, and its fair to say this story didnt get any more or less ‘push’ than others recently ie. Goes on the site and is top for abit, and put on twitter and facebook if whoever did it remebers to.

    This one had quite abit of feedback though as many (like us) was under the impression the council would deal with it. On that it has been a learning curve, and hopefully some others have learnt as well as us.

    We dont want to be doing trivial stuff unless its fun or something, and we do like feedback to keep us in check! :)



    BenjaminM, latter post very nicely put. I lean towards your way of thinking; but would add that just as was the case for New York, at some stage democratic leadership must galvanise what the community wants.


    great story of somebody taking the initiative and council not doing anything about it. We should be proud that people like this do something.

    It’s a hard fact of life, but people sometimes don’t do anything when they see other people are in a pickle. Generally they’re scared, in panic and hoping someone else who has the skills to take action will take over.. it takes courage to act in those times.

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