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    Council Watcher

    Good news re the possibility of apartments at Henblas Street shops – it should bring some life back into the centre of town and perhaps generate some new nighttime economy restaurants.

    I wonder how much VVP grant funding will go into the development to act as an inducement for the developer to take this project on.



    Yes, a very positive move, as you say.

    Idiots on Facebook objecting of course because it’s not shops (Wrexham already has too big a retail footprint it’s struggling to fill so I don’t understand this argument). Plus, this is upper floor space which was formerly office space not shops.

    The other objection on there is that it’s “more bedsits”. Apartments are not “bedsits” lol.



    “however a well known high street name has been mooted to take over one of the units” …Still wondering who the Well known high street name is?

    Once one new shop goes there i bet a few more will follow.


    Maureen Gray

    Come on NIMBYS?? any thoughts. I think it is a great idea and agree with Nen about not needing more shops!

    With regard to ‘….a well known high street name has been mooted to take over one of the units..…’ Don’t get too excited, its that well known high street name Marky P!!


    Hugh Bet

    I shall look into obtaining the penthouse suite from which Mrs Bet and i may watch the dramas of the town centre unflold.



    I think some people will be put off because of the lack of private parking.


    Hugh Bet

    Don’t all town centre residents have chauffeuse? Marjory is a blessing.

    I am more concerned that my M&S delivery driver shall be unable to bring my groceries to my door.

    Majory, cancel the Penthouse, I am moving to Gresford!



    Apartments without car parking spaces are fine in cities and larger towns when there is work within walking distance or in cities a cheap Uber ride. The problem in Wrexham is limited work within easy reach of these proposed apartments which may prove off-putting.

    They could, of course, be taken over by the Council en bloc so that they reduce the spend they currently make with a number of hotels and Bed and Breakfasts for those who qualify for “emergency” accommodation. This would not be a new expense but just relocation of where the Council spend their money.



    This is good and I see Ian Lucas has even tweeted to the article signalling his approval.

    The knuckleheads on Facebook who say NEW SHOPS OR ELSE – don’t realise that situating residents directly in the town centre will actually improve the chances of new retail and service outlets in the area as a knock on – when you can pick up doorstep footfall.

    Plus when you have more full time residents in town it boosts the whole sense of community, those living there will have a strong voice and interest in making the centre of town a pleasant and amenable place to live (especially at night time) and likewise the police would be quicker to respond to any reports of unsavoury activities. So less likely for drunks, druggies, crooks to congregate when people who won’t want them on their doorstep. Of course that means they’ll move elsewhere, but if anything there has been the overwhelming feedback that people are put off by the town centre because of the negative characters who are frequently sighted. Get ’em to set-up some kind of neighbourhood watch scheme and they’ll be doing everyone a favour.

    In terms of the lack of car park, my best guess is that not everyone in Wrexham drives and they have to make do with commuting or walking to work currently from wherever they live now. So living within town they’d be within walking distance of the bus station and train stations. Plus easy walking distance to the hospital for healthcare workers etc… Anyone working in retail can get out of bed and be in work in 5-10 minutes.


    I shall enjoy gliding silently and smugly, above this development in my Gold Plated Zeppelin.

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