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    `According to Wrexham.com Twitter site , Councillor Arfon Jones is giving up his Wrexham Councillor pay this week. We have been told before that this is not possible. Previously when there was a pay increase we were told Councillors had to take it , in fact Labour Councillors said they would donate the extra to charity. Looks like anything is possible when there is a willingness to do it !


    One managed to before when looking into it.

    “A Council insider told us: “The process is simple, councillors can refuse all or part of a rise or any pay whatsoever. All it takes is a very simple letter or email to the Head of Finance, it is very straightforward.”

    Only One Councillor Opts Out Of Pay Raise – Plus Expenses Revealed

    (Wrexham.com'er - email us on news@wrexham.com)



    It appears the information put forward at the time of the last increase in pay , that Councillors had to take their rise was incorrect. Why didn’t the Leader of the Council or Chief Executive Officier make that clear at the time ?

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