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    This is the spin I’m taking on it as the council always bang on how important their revenue from parking is.

    The real story is a bunch of nimbys who were out walking themselves in the likes of Alyn Waters were complaining about people turning up in cars for exercise. This is a local park for local people they said.

    Likewise I’ve also seen My Name is Michael Paine Nosy Neighbours complaining about people for exercising in Acton Park and Bellevue that they didn’t recognise as local.

    I know the guidelines state that you should start your exercise from home, but it does not state MUST. It also indicates that you can travel locally to take exercise if you need to do so.

    What these I’m alright Jack Nimby Hitler Nonces fail to appreciate is that whilst they are lucky enough to live next to a recreational exercising area in that can meet both their physical and mental health needs during this difficult lockdown period not everyone does.

    So it makes common sense that some people might need to drive a mile or so to get somewhere practical to walk with themselves, their dog or family. To areas designed to meet the needs of the entire town. So to have now forced the car parks to close at the country parks is a horrible and spiteful thing to have done at one of the worst times we have been facing.

    Nobody is going round coughing and licking each other at these locations and is unlikely to be causing a massive spread of Covid. Meanwhile people get to have massive house parties Scot free. There was a big all night house party that had dozens of youths in it locally this weekend that ended with people setting off fireworks early morning and waking everyone up. Yet the police have done nothing about that because they’re too busy shouting at dog walkers going to Erddig.

    I’m all for people playing by the rules so we can get the infection rate but let’s cut people some slack for wanting a bit of harmless outdoor recreation to get out of the house for just an hour a day.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    This latest lockdown has changed you Matt. Next you will be shouting at people in CAP LOCKS.

    There was something on the Telly box saying about people wearing masks outside. Open up the parks and make everyone wear masks and gloves and carry 2m rulers and jobs a good ‘un.

    Busy bodies need to look at where infection is happening and where people are at most risk. Me and Mrs Councilor X have had to stop doggin’ because at our age we need a car to go anywhere green and you are not allowed to do it on football pitches.

    One other thing Matt
    “There was a big all night house party that had dozens of youths in it locally this weekend that ended with people setting off fireworks early morning and waking everyone up. Yet the police have done nothing about that because they’re too busy shouting at dog walkers going to Erddig.”


    Look After Yourselves – X

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    It all started when I couldn’t go for my annual black eye mad eye Friday foray into town for Christmas starting at Sir JD Wetherspoons and ending up at whatever greasy kebab shop could take me. Something died inside me that day Councillor.

    In all fairness looking forward to when all our elder and vulnerable members of the community of Wrexham have been vaccinated, my kids can stop worrying about their grandparents and perhaps see them not on a zoom video screen.

    Hopefully once you and Mrs X get a jab you will be removed from the vulnerable at risk category and into the invulnerable category – have a bunch of Ageing superheroes tearing about the place once restrictions are lifted.



    Another rant Matt of a thousand words (that you could encapsulate in one sentence) that has nothing at all to do with the thread header.
    But, getting back on track, considering that pretty well all Council car parks have been free for several months, I hardly think this latest initiative is going to break the bank.
    However, it does seem to be an unnecessary restriction – providing people can be trusted to use the facility sensibly.



    It was clearly a sardonic thread header Lord Benjamin.

    If I’m actually going to be forced to be drawn in on the original title then they’ve been taking everyone’s daily quids at the Country Park car parks since October and have been fairly packed most of the time with cars, due to lack of anything else to do in the county. So the old coffers will be down a bit.

    Yes I’m on a forum for a good old fashioned rant, what of it? If this is my chosen outlet then who is going to stop me? It’s not like we’re allowed down the pub to let off steam. I also like hearing what everyone else thinks about what is going on in the local area, including your good self Benjamin. I do like the fact that you think the restriction is unnecessary.



    Many residents living near country parks have a rather parochial mentality. If WCBC don’t want us to use country parks they should open up far more green spaces closer to where people actually live. My closest park is a good 2 1/2 miles away whuch with my knees is a wee bit too far to walk both ways plus a walk around the park.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Has anyone really thought through this decision? Most people visit our country parks because they are easily accessible, especially to those of limited mobility including wheelchair users. Now all these people will be forced to go somewhere else local leading to more people focusing on a fewer number of places offering opportunities to exercise in the open air. Is there really much evidence that people are catching this disease while out walking in the fresh air? If people are travelling large distances to visit that is a different matter, but don’t resort to ‘collective punishments’ nor discriminate against those locals not fortunate to have green space on their doorstep. Better still, reopen the parks, continue to charge normal rates for up to an hour’s parking and then double the charges on those wishing to park for longer than an hour.

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