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    Looking at the figures linked to in the recent Wrexham.com report on hospital waiting times. Looks like average waiting time at Wrexham has gone from about 2.5 hours to over 6 hours in the space of 5 years.

    Average waiting times at Wrexham Maelor


    Llayby lilly

    That’s Labours NHS for you…and silence from Ian Lucas. I suppose he’s too busy undermining his electorate over Brexit?



    They keep building more houses without building more schools, doctors surgeries & enlarging the hospital & carpark. Wrexham is at saturation point and there are still more houses to be built in Llay, Bryn Estyn & numerous other places. Stupid or what?

    Maybe we should be looking at building another hospital with a little more foresight into future population.

    There again, where would the doctors, nurses, teachers etc come from? Do we have any coming forward from our universities or do we have to depend or yet more foreign doctors and nurses whilst ours go off to live in Australia or retire early.



    Zinger, You forgot about the prison. Dumped on Wrexham as nobody else wanted it. A possible 2000 customers adding to the hospital waiting lists.



    From what i have been told, it looks as though inmates at HMP Berwyn are responsible for quite a lot of AE resources being taken up. Injuries caused by fighting and stabbing i believe. I have it reliably that there are ambulances tooing and froing every day. Not going to help.



    This does not seem to be an issue due to funding as there are a 100+ health jobs being advertised – this is clearly an issue over volume of residents and being unhealthy.
    Even with training and recruitment many roles are not likely to be filled for more than six years even if people came forward now.
    Clearly there is no immediate answer to the situation as it has been a long historical lack of investment in training that has caused the issues.
    There is also a great risk that after Brexit many foreign nationals working in the health service could decide to be repatriated back to a European country. The figure this week showing we have the lowest unemployment figures for more than a decade shows that we don’t have lots of underemployed people to be trained to take on the vacancies.
    One simple answer- everyone has to start leading a better healthy lifestyle to reduce the dependency on services.



    Ironically if everyone lead healthier, better lifestyles the average life expectancy would increase & then there would be a logjam of elderly related accidents and emergencies – falls & heart attacks etc… so you just can’t win.

    No matter how long you live until eventually something is going to happen to you where an ambulance will be called to keep you out of critical condition or keep you alive.



    They say average waiting times but how accurate are they,my girlfriend visited about 4 or 5 times going back 18 months ago,online it would say something like there is a wait of 2 hours 25 mins but when we got there it must have been 5 hours,surely they are not using those figures.


    Katy did you find a global export function or was it a manual job to get the figs?

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    If any of you knew the day to day of the hospital you’d know that this issue is almost fully at the feet of local Health Board its because of them things like Glyndwr nursing students have to train or have work placements in Cheshire even though there are almost 100 nursing positions available because the board decided that only Bangor nursing students can train and do placements there. That’s just one of many stupid things this health board is responsible for.

    On a different note most staff at the Maelor hates the constant moaning about waiting times. Its out of their hands and by posting about it all the time in the media and social media you’re really making them feel even more undervalued and we need these people.

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