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    Are they going to have a new access on to the A483 ? If not then the location is not as good as the one on Ruthin Road .



    I can’t believe they’re knocking down the police station. There should be laws against this sort of barbarism.



    @Liam 299 wrote:

    Looks like it could well be work starting on the joint ambulance and fire station, it also includes potential inclusion for police admin buildings. Guessing that’s where they had in mind for some of the new police facilities when they knock down Wrexham Police Station.

    WCBC: Planning Applications – Search Results

    Hang on – if it’s the application I’ve found (your search results link doesn’t show anything) then that’s been withdrawn.

    See below:

    Case Number P/2010/0815
    Received Date 27/09/2010
    Case Officer Initials SJG
    Proposed development Outline Application For New Building For Joint Fire And Ambulance Station With Potential Inclusion For Separate Police Administration Building
    Decision WITHDRAWN

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