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    Lesley Griffith’s heads so far in the clouds its probably a safety risk to airplanes.

    “I think we need to make the public aware of why we’ve brought them in and why we’re going to make them permanent.”

    No love, we’re very aware. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the increased traffic in the area will result in higher NO2 readings at the road side. The amount of people slamming on their brakes to allow others to merge on the stretch of road also does wonders for the environment.

    If you want to make people aware why not change the message on the two electric signs (great for the environment) now situated at the side of the road. The signs currently read ‘Please drive responsibly’. Id suggest these are changed to “This road is operated by buffoons” or “We don’t know what we’re doing, send help.”



    Just like someone else here said, they need to tackle town gridlock fumes first.



    Totally agree, live in town and it’s tragic. In the last 10 years it’s gone crazy, almost like Chester but not as pleasant if you know what I mean.



    Does today’s news re Glyndwr Uni start to make sense of the 50 MPH on the A483?



    Yes it does, in particular the comment by a certain Councillor. On a personal level I am not impressed and have made my views known. The proposal for the apartments/ flats at the Art School is going to make the gyratory a nightmare with accidents awaiting to happen. The two lanes are too narrow in the first instance. But it seems we are being forced to make these sacrifices for the University as they believe that this is the only way forward for the town. We shall we what happens. Looks like it is a done deal, the champagne corks will fly and all will be well it’s the morning rush hour, school run and evening rush hour. THE END



    Lady K, will that be because the University is one of the major ways to attract some money into the town? Do they have anything else to fall back on? Shopping, perhaps? Tourism?

    Of course they are going to bend over backwards to accommodate the Uni. As they should. Anything to improve the town, fill the coffers a little more and at the same time, educate our youth. And at what ‘sacrifice’? Just a mild inconvenience, which might even be avoided anyway, depending on the competency of the design.

    Town is gridlocked because cars are more affordable these days. You can’t deny that there are more cars on the road than ever before. It’s not just Wrexham, it’s the same across the country. The infrastructure in place wasn’t designed to cope with the volume. And without raising some money, the council can’t do anything about it- whether they will or not is a matter for another day, I’m not defending the council but we’ve elected them to give them the opportunity to do so on our behalf. And if they don’t, then we can elect someone else to do it instead.



    Dear GoM1

    I do see where you are coming from and I do hope that Highways will use their muscle to ensure the design is suitable: I don’t necessarily agree with you, but understand your point.

    Kindest regards

    Lady K

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