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    I see the Wrexham chief executive is having a decent pay rise Iam sure he deserves it,but when I look at some figures of other chief executives across Wales they have a pension also of over £30,000 per year.I presume this is on top of the £140,675 per year.With the massive pension increases in the last decade I would love to find out who has paid the extra money for council workers the Wrexham public or the council workers themselves and what scheme they are running.



    You are wrong on so many fronts.
    By law, from April 2019, employers are obliged to pay a minimum of 3% and the employee a minimum of 5% of a workers salary into a recognised pension fund, the proceeds of which are paid on retirement as usually a monthly payment.
    How you arrive at your assumption that a pension is paid in addition to an employees salary is beyond me.
    I would suggest you re check your source of information.



    Two issues here — the the £30k represents the amount the Council pay on top of the salary for the Chief Exec at approx 22% of gross pay – staff on the lower grades only get approx 12% pension from the Council.

    The real question should be value for money – a person can only work a certain number of hours on a week – the CW will be paid £72 an hour for 37 hour week approx 5 times the amount staff get paid that deliver Council services – social care, teachers, refuse etc. The CE only has about 8 Chief Officers reporting to him so not many people to deal with – it does mean he has 7 people to push things off his desk to and those 8 have other service mangers to push onto, who then push down the ranks tio the staff that really count those that engage with the public – the front facing workers.

    Also remember during the years of an Election as he is the Returning Officer nice bonus on top.



    I think you are wrong on so many fronts have a search online and it tells you the yearly packages of the welsh chief executives and the pension package that they have been given.In year 19-20 Cardifs council chief executive Paul Orders had a salary of £180,423 and a pension of £42,399 a total of £222,822.The proceeds of a pension are not always paid out on retirement some people these days are doing a CETV(cash transfer) at 55 and coming out of the pension they can then invest the money as one lump sum and take out 25% tax free.And still carry on working with no pension.


    David Thomas

    These salaries are wrong on so many fronts.



    So the chief executive of a small authority like Wrexham gets a similar salary as the Prime Minister of the UK!



    A RISE to the top of the pay scale for Wrexham Council’s chief executive is “not a pay increase”, a senior councillor has insisted.
    May I suggest a drop of £4000 in the pay scale to save ratepayers money.
    This clearly is NOT a pay cut.



    Is this just an increment he gets for passing his annual PRCD review like other council workers do? If he was no good his pay would stay the same.

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