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    Owain Glyndwr

    Don’t know what everybody else sees in the twitter feeds but every day i get a post from Ryan and then 22nd October 2022- Wrexham’s MP Sarah Atherton says ” I’m backing Boris ” tonight in the race to become the UK’s next Prime Minister

    I wonder how that worked out?


    R T

    It is really annoying!

    Elon Musk has decided not just to make parts of Twitter – now X – chargeable, but turn off various bits of the API regardless.

    We had some code that spoke with Twitter and reproduced our timeline on the site. That has been disabled by Twitter.

    We tried to use the ‘widget’ that was always the next best option, however that has been deliberately broken by Musk. has quite a few people unhappy with it.

    Now it seems those logged into Twitter will see our timeline, and those logged out will see an unspecific ‘top tweets’ view of some more recentish high liked tweets.

    For a website and app that is meant to be around live updates and realtime information, that policy decision seems odd.

    Over time MySpace Google Buzz, Bebo, Periscope, Vine and more were all the future and now are dead. uses social media but it is always in the back of our mind that they will likely go pop or change how they do things, so focus on putting stuff on the site.

    It is a pain as it was nice to pop a pic on Twitter knowing it would auto appear here! :) Will work on new method somehow…


    Owain Glyndwr

    Thanks for the update. Good luck – i do miss the feed



    Owain- thankfully not on Twitter but last I heard “ our Sarah “ was backing Liz Truss , as she was her bag carrier ( PPS ).
    Wonder how that turned out ?
    Oops just looked at my mortgage so I have an inkling!

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