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    I hope our local MP’s think long and hard about who they will support. It’s time to put the what the country needs above personal ambition. A stable economy is a starting point, hope they keep that thought upper most in their minds as they pledge their support .



    MPs being self centred and backing the candidate mostly likely to give them a job. Boris is still under investigation and was sacked only a few weeks ago. Where in any work environment would you bring back someone with so much baggage. MPs or Conservative members need to go and see a head shrink to get checked out. As a country we are an international laughing stock. If Boris has any personal morals he would not even stand.



    Our illustrious local MP’s have already declared where their allegiance lies and who they will be supporting for Prime Minister.
    Sarah Atherton – Boris Johnson and Simon Baines – Rishi Sunak.

    I guess one of them is content with backing a proven liability.



    So Ms Atherton now that your illustrious friend Boris has now dropped out will you start to grovel to Sunak to try and keep your postion- or will he now ditch you for being a Boris supporter,

    The clock is ticking for the next Genral Election whether it is called early or two years, but I am fairly certain the people of Wrexham will not forget your views and the total lack of engagement with local people. You will be the shortest serving MP for the area since 1935.

    How many people can remember that Therese Coffey stood in Wrexham in 2005 election – coming third behind the Lib Dems.


    Born Acorn

    When she says she spoke to her constituents I sincerely doubt it. She won’t even be seen in public in Wrexham never mind speaking to people.

    Probably means a small group of friends in Rossett.


    Councillor X

    If we get a new PM today then it will be official. Tories have changed their PM more often than i change my skiddies.

    Don’t trust anyone. I voted in the locals and the woman who told me about what she would do about X,Y and Z was voted in and now won’t reply to my questions about X,Y & Z.

    “It is easy to make promises – it is hard work to keep them.”Boris Johnson



    I hope Sarah Atherton and Simon Baynes take note of their new boss and the joint comittment with Mark Drakefotd to work together for vthe good of Wales and United Kingdom

    All Conservatives in Wales need to do is get their leader In the Senydd to do the same.



    Nothing heard from Ms Atherton as to whether she has kept her role or whether the new PM has dispatched her to the back benches for not supporting him.

    Our South Clwyd MP looks like he is trying for a role as Chief promoter for the export of Welsh Lamp with his latest question in PMQ.

    Lack of self-promotion by both implies they have not had the tap on the shoulder yet..

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