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    What is wrong with people, these days? We all rely on the ambulance service in am emergency, even those who stole this one and damaged it beyond use!



    Absolute disgrace that we have scum in our communities that think taking an ambulance would give them a buzz- wonder if they have stolen any medication as well.



    Yes, disgraceful that the ambulance was stolen and the culprit(s) should be dealt with accordingly.
    Not knowing the full circumstances of the incident, it raises the question whether some blame could be attached to the crew for not leaving the vehicle secured. My guess is that it wasn’t ‘hot wired’



    Um, no, Benjamin, try to focus – victims of crime are not to blame for crime.



    True – to an extent.
    I should be able to leave my front door unlocked but I don’t. I take the necessary precautions to prevent intruders, by keeping it locked.
    Don’t the Police repeatedly tell us to lock our vehicles and keep valuables out of sight?
    Irrespective of it being an emergency vehicle, the same principle applies although I condemn anyone who has the audacity to stoop so low as to commit such an act.



    Your points are correct as such BenjaminM, but what has society come to when an ambulance attending an emergency or any other situation has to be locked up for fear of it being nicked!

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    Would the advice about locking and checking the ambulance be the same if the circumstance was a distraught Mother outside waiting for the ambulance to arrive to attend her sick child – surely the primary response is to attend the patient and comfort family. We all make mistakes but life is at a new low when we have scumbags steal this type of vehicle.
    What takes the biscuit is the ridiculous sentence anyone convicted will receive and the pathetic mitigation they give as an excuse for their actions.


    Comment 8or

    What this shocking incident does is to demonstrate to us all how low spontaneous thieves will stoop. We would do well to take a positive from this by reflecting on our own security, especially at this time of the year. This is precisely why we have to secure our belongings today, taking objects out of sight and make things difficult for opportunist thieves in order not to become a victim. If they will do this to an Ambulance on a call at the side of the road outside a house during a pandemic when everyone knows how stretched all NHS resources are right now, they will not hesitate to take something of yours – if they can.

    Clearly, they have no scruples or moral compass. They were probably young men / boys, now proud of how daring they were, what a fun adventure it was and basking in the temporary boost it has given to their local street-cred. I’ll wager that if you had caught them and returned them home, you would not be thanked by parents who expressed horror, deep regret or contrition with profound embarrassment. You would probably get an earful of verbal abuse for your trouble and sent on your way being told to mind your own business. That is why they turn out like this, and the rest of us do not.

    I am not saying any of us are perfect, I bet we could all think of some examples, where on reflection, we wish we had done things differently, especially in our youth. Thankfully, the vast majority of people are honest and decent people, and would never contemplate for one second stealing an Ambulance – at any stage of our lives.



    There’s no policing or punishing that level of stupidity. Anyone who does that is likely to end up killing themselves in the not too distant future and eliminating themselves from the gene pool – hopefully not taking anyone else with them.

    Most decent members of the public wouldn’t think twice about going anywhere near an ambulance that was out on call – hence why they didn’t think they needed to lock it and were probably in a rush to potentially save a life.



    Given that the illustrious citizens of this region once gained infamy for stoning Firefighters attending a call, I’m not even vaguely surprised at this incident, which is just another sad indictment on modern society in general.

    As for Benjamin questioning the paramedics who left the keys in the vehicle, you need to realise that some things are(or certainly ought to be) sacrosanct and I consider ambulances attending an emergency call as one of them, but I’m a bit of traditionalist like that!

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