Special Measures for Clywdog – again failing our Young People

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    How sad to read the article that Ysgol Clywedog has gone into special measures again – despite some improvements it appears that yet again the children of Wrexham are being failed- with all the schools in and out of special measures we are losing a whole generation of young people to a failing .failed education system.

    New week will also see the publication of the Estyn report on the Councils own Education Department which is already tipped to be highly critical if not even put into special measures.

    The common factor is the chair of Governors at Clywedog and Lead member for Education are the same Councillor – Phil Wynn. I am not blaming him for the situation as he is only a figurehead receiving reports from officers and staff. To go into Special Measures takes a series of steps over a period and not something that happens overnight so why has the rot not been stopped.

    Were also is GWE the body set up by six Local Authorities in North Wales as a school improvement unit — this has failed miserably again.

    Everyone should remember that those on fat salaries are ok but what about our young people who will not get the Education they deserve to help them into the world of work.



    It’s the end of corporal punishment that’s done for them.

    I for one, rue the end of the days when teachers used to routinely backhand kids to exam success.

    You don’t build the biggest empire the world has ever seen with empathy, tea-lights and making heart shapes with your fingers.



    Yet again low attendance is a factor, why can’t Wrexham parents ensure their children go to school? Teachers have to waste time chasing up non attenders, who when they do turn up find they are being left behind their classmates. This in turn can lead to disruptive pupils. In many countries education is valued as a way of improving your life chances , why doesn’t that apply here ?

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