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    In the past when the Council have conducted refurbishment and repairs on school buildings (and other Council buildings) they have often brought in tradesmen from outside the locality as they have used Framework Agreements that has meant traders from Sheffield and beyond doing roof work (when we have roofers in Wrexham).

    It will be such a shame if the same system has been used for these contracts if local traders have not been successful in securing any of the work.

    Has anyone seen the names and locations of contractors or could find out?



    I am sure Wrexham contractors work outside the county boundary .Get a life



    Maxman I’m sure that they do but we have many posts about the environment & local economy so really which is best?



    [quote quote=173125]I am sure Wrexham contractors work outside the county boundary .Get a life[/quote]

    Not really sure how this is relevant. Isn’t it a reasonable expectation that local council taxpayer money should be fed back into the local economy when contracts are up for tender? If local contractors are available to undertake the work, they should, by all logic, be able to undertake the work for a lower cost than a contractor in Sheffield/Manchester/London and therefore ensure that our money is being spent to best effect?


    AMA Express

    It’s not only about cost effectiveness. There’s also the question of availability of contractors to carry out the work during the school closures.



    Well if local contractors are being outpriced from Contractors further afield.

    Simple your charging to much

    And you’re not Worthy



    It’s more a case that local suppliers are not awarded ‘preferred supplier’ status and frequently not offered the opportunity to even tender for the contract in the first place.

    Anyone ever looked at how much Wrexham Council pays for IT equipment for schools? A hell of a lot more than ‘market forces’ would dictate for the same gear, I can tell you from experience…



    Don’t schools manage their own budgets and purchase their own equipment?



    Yes, but cannot access Local Authority IT support if they go outside of the WCBC ‘approved’ supply chain.

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