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    Finally Wales is getting an NHS App, i guess replacing the current My-health website that Just have repeat prescriptions requests, the new app you can book appointments & much more importantly see your Tests (Finally) Hopefully that includes blood tests & Historic results not just New tests, no more phoning up Surgery to speaking to Reception to get results. But yes im also getting your “GP Practice is not connected to the App Yet” hopefully Beech Avenue Medical Practice will sign up soon.


    AMA Express

    Tried yesterday to book a non-urgent appointment at my GPs in Chirk. Told there was nothing available until 3rd May and from that day ALL appointments had to be booked by phone on the day and there would be no advance bookings made. So, from 8am each day 100+ people are going to be trying to make both emergency and routine appointments for that day.

    Absolutely ridiculous system.



    Its Disgraceful that GP Surgery Don’t accept no advance bookings as this Actually frees up the phones lines but just accept same day booking, that way many will NEVER get an appointment, i hope my Surgery never goes that way.



    Well so far its not very good.
    I volunteered to be was part of the trial, as did my GP practice.
    Although part of the trial it appears that my GP practice has now opted
    out as no useful features work on the App.
    Since the start of 2023 no doctors appointment times have been available,
    so phone or visiting is the only way.
    My only routine appointment {for B12 jab} has disappeared off the system.
    I have asked for my records to be updated so I can see them and any results,
    but this has not happened in spite of a number of requests and E.Mails.
    Repeat prescriptions does not work. The two I don’t require any more I can have.
    The four that I do need intermittently I can’t order and have to visit the surgery.
    So at the moment the App is a total waste of space and effort.
    Hopefully this is just my GP Surgery and others are having better service from the App.



    Thats Terrible experiance of the App, i do hope its your GP practice thats the issue? although it does look like its still in the testing phase? Hopefully this will be a great app, well according to this article it should be once its fully up & running? New Wales NHS App



    I do wonder if the failures and lack of appointments are actually due to surgery receptionists being angry at losing their total power over patients to an app?



    Weeks later and it appears that nothing has improved.
    My surgery is still refusing to reply to my E.Mails, the questions I have asked, and have not updated any information.
    I am starting to think that they have abandoned the project but are hiding the fact.

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