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    Obviously designed to ensure the minimum attendance!
    Announce a Monday 26th event on Friday 23rd, then limit it to 1pm to 3pm!
    No chance to plan, no chance to arrange time off, no chance for those in work,the very ones paying the most into the system and reliant on the sevices to be there.
    It’s just a joke.
    There should be more notice, and outside of work hours.

    At leat one person will get an easier time than they should as I can’t make it. :-)


    Council Watcher

    This must be one of the most bizzare things any Council has tried to do to engage with people — if these Councillors were serious about a town ‘walk abiout’ then why have they not decided to make themselves available in the town centre tomorrow (Sat) when all the choirs will be around. If the weather is good the Saturady Street event promoses to be one of the busiest days of the year.
    If any of those Councillors attending the farze on Monday read this then why not turn up in town to the event– Regent Street, Hope Street, Queens Street, Henblas Street, Lord Street (you know all those street that have been neglected by the Council)
    Open challenge to all Councillors get on the street on Saturday and face your electorate and stop the games of charades…



    Well, if they do decide to make an appearance in town I hope they take note of what the public say, unlike a few years back when they asked people their opinion of Wrexham achieving city status, well over 80% voted no, hey – ho, back to the guildhall, in goes the application



    Isn’t this a well used tactic to say “we did a consultation but hardly had any responses”?

    The server for the budget consultation is down at the moment so I can’t do that. I think one of the proposals is to reduce the hours of the call centre – the one that is already closed when most people get home from work and need to report that their bin hasn’t been emptied…



    I see they’ve done it again!
    Announce on Twitter, on Friday, about event on the following Monday 1pm to 3pm.
    I don’t do twitter, so the only way I knew was through
    There was something on the Facebook page but it was incorrect, and still hasn’t been updated, just a one line correction!
    There’s a link to a council web page, but, as usual, that doesn’t give any information!

    Who thinks it’s acceptable to give such short notice, and considers 1pm to 3pm a suitable time to meet up with working people?
    There’s an expression – forward planning. I don’t think this qualifies as adequate.

    Loads of the website doesn’t work at the moment, and the phones are almost permanently engaged.

    I wonder if anyone made it to the last one?
    Interestingly, I see the location for that one was changed at the last moment.



    Completely agree with how soft this entire thing is.

    Saturday 1-3 PM would have been more than preferable I’d imagine. Gives a good range of people coming in to the town, if they wanted to speak to the lead members then that’s just dandy.

    It irritates me that the council in general have taken everything to being during office hours. Don’t get me wrong, not many people really turned up to council meetings, but they had the opportunity to do so when and if they wanted. It genuinely irritated me that they said it cost too much money to keep doing the meetings outside of work hours – I’m sure that if a council member of staff did a 12 hour day due to meetings etc, that their line managers would acknowledge it and provide an opportunity for time in lieu – so really, other than a spot of electricity for the lighting, I was always really baffled where these massive costs were coming from?

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