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    The NHS will be even busier if people don’t keep fit & active. Swimming is one of the best exercises there is. I suspect that it comes out of a different pot anyway. Money shouldn’t be an issue with swimming. It can save lives in more ways than one.



    Let’s not forget the hard work that everyone has put in to keep Plas Madoc leisure centre going, what they have done should be applauded, but let’s not forget we wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place if Labour hadn’t closed it, comments by labour councillors voicing support for extra funding it beggars belief when it was them who closed it in the first place, it may have been two years ago but to me it’s only like yesterday I won’t forget what they did and I’m sure others won’t as well when it comes to the elections in May.



    JackO Rose — you raise a significant non political point about the accounts not being filed which is what information did WG have on which to base whether to give funding to Splash or not. Surely if there were no accounts then funding should not have been released (surely this should apply to any appllication for Puiblic Funding irespective of what it may get used for).
    If Wrexham Council have not seen any accounts then why should they (or more precicly How could they) give any money to Splash or any other organisation. Surely having accounts filed must be one of the first checks that should have been completed.

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