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    Good on for pressing the Council over this issue as it symbolises the lack of community engagement – there is a lack of transparency, lack of understanding how to engage, and total disregard for residents. They have no idea how to maximise publicity opportunities – there was more coverage on Ryan’s house purchase in Marford that hot various National TV news and daytime TV than the Civic Freedom which surely should have a higher profile.

    On a totally different scale was the recent tree planting event on Llwyn Isaff – why on earth (sorry pun) did the Council not involve the children of the area – develop their pride in the city.

    How many Councilors will declare their FREE tickets to the match that took place after the ceremony.

    The Council really need a new marketing and engagement strategy put together with the broader community.



    Is it just possible that the reciprients themselves asked for privacy?

    I agree with JaneJ about the tree planting. My O/H still comments about being involved in the tree planting at Prices Lane /Chester Road when a child.

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