WREXHAMdotcom Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-07

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Mar 6th, 2011.

  • Anyone have any details on the incident in the town centre this morning? #
  • btw – sightings of the google streetview car around wrexham at the moment! #
  • Official result for Wrexham: YES – 17,606 YES (64.09%) and 9,863 NO (35.91%). Turnout, or stayin, 27% . Lowest yet! #
  • @Graham_Thomas ask council for copy of unilateral undertaking, and why they were talked out of a s106 but such fine people as Moss+Roberts! in reply to Graham_Thomas #
  • @Graham_Thomas council approved planning, and have a unilateral undertaking. Planning given on terms, which need to be enforced by council. in reply to Graham_Thomas #
  • @jackcolohan go try the golf game inside left of the door at the bowling! in reply to jackcolohan #
  • @Graham_Thomas any comment on the inital planning, ie. 100% profits of student development to club, and now its zero? in reply to Graham_Thomas #
  • @fezbob congrats! Make sure you frame a copy :) in reply to fezbob #
  • @jamesbwxm will rule them out, as have been twice in two days! V. Good shop. in reply to jamesbwxm #
  • Where is your fave coffee shop in town? Doing a quick review later to first one suggested…. #
  • Remember to vote TODAY in the National Assembly for Wales Referendum. Polling Stations are open until 10.00pm tonight! #
  • Who is voting yes? Who is voting no? Who is not voting? …. and who didnt know there was a vote?! #
  • @KukriSports thanks – more than understandable, and good luck for the future! in reply to KukriSports #
  • @gbhdavies proverbial horses mouth. direct quote, that is what she said in public tonight. in reply to gbhdavies #
  • @fezbob brief chat, nothing massive. Hoping to sort interview for RP or podcast jobby. in reply to fezbob #
  • Latest: Geoff Moss 'has a cheque from the RFL to buy the racecourse ground' but is 'holding off' said Stephanie Booth tonight. #wrexhamfc #
  • @fezbob check out the wrexham.com story, I dont believe that will happen. in reply to fezbob #
  • Just back from town and a quick hello to Ms Booth. Her 'bid is in' for Wrexham FC it seems. #
  • Wrexham.com is currently sat in the window of the Wynnstay Hotel looking up the highstreet…. #
  • Weather in Wrexham at 08:20 – Dry 1.5C wind SSW@0.0mph flowers: daffs. #
  • RT @cs87 Happy St Davids day, everyone. Apart from all you English oppressors, of course. #
  • Weather Now: 10:30 – Dry 5.3C wind NNW@2.7mph #

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