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Wrexham Power Station Proposals Move To Consultation

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Mar 5th, 2014.

Yesterday Wrexham Power Limited presented details of refined proposals for the Wrexham Energy Centre to Wrexham County Borough Council.

These refined proposals are based on delivering a 299 MW CCGT power station, utilising Scottish Power’s distribution network.

As a result of this refined approach, the Wrexham Energy Centre does not require a new 400kV overhead line from Wrexham Industrial Estate and to National Grid’s Legacy substation to the west of Wrexham and this aspect of the proposal is no longer being pursued.

A statement released this afternoon says “A 299 MW CCGT power station will deliver all the positive benefits that Wrexham Power Limited’s initial proposals provided, particularly in terms of improved energy security for current and future businesses located in the Wrexham Industrial Estate. However, the environmental and visual impacts of the proposals will be substantially reduced.”

“The refined proposals are the result of more than 2.5 years’ detailed work by Wrexham Power Limited and its project team, during which it has undertaken extensive environmental survey and design studies, as well as seeking the views of the local community.”

Wrexham Power Limited will soon be contacting all those who have previously registered an interest in the project to tell them more about the refined proposals.

Formal, statutory consultation on the plans, as required under planning legislation, will take place during May and June 2014 and more information on this consultation will be provided soon.

A breakdown of the stages is provided below:

Step 1 – Informal Consultation (completed)

Step 2 – Production of more detailed designs (completed)

Step 3 – Formal Consultation (May/June)

Step 4 – Application submitted to the Planning Inspectorate

Step 5 – Application reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate

Step 6 – Public examination of proposals including hearings

Step 7 – Planning Inspectorate recommendation produced

Step 8 – Decision from the Secretary of State


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